Best Samsung Galaxy A52 & A52 5G Screen Protectors Android Central 2022

The Samsung Galaxy A52 could end up being one of the best cheap Android phones of the year and will definitely be a competitor for the next few years. Chances are that you've already found one of the best Galaxy A52 cases, so you'll want to make sure that the display and cameras are protected from potential scratches. We've rounded up some of the best Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A52 5G screen protectors to ensure that you don't worry about the display getting mucked up.

IVSO Glass Screen Protector Galaxy A52 Render

All the boxes: IVSO Tempered Glass (6-pack)

Staff Pick

Bubble-free installation? Check. Tempered glass? Check. Case-friendly? Check. This six-pack of tempered glass screen protectors from IVSO hits all the marks for those looking to keep the Galaxy A52 screen looking in tip-top shape. Oh, and there are even three lens protectors included if you want to keep the camera glass safe from scratches.

$14 at Amazon
Supershieldz Film Galaxy A52 Render

Use film: Supershieldz High Definition Clear Shield (6-pack)

Tempered glass is cool and all, but it can be real finicky for some, as it doesn't exactly feel natural to use daily. Thankfully, companies like Supershieldz are still making those old-school PET film screen protectors. This pack includes six film screen protectors, providing a natural feel without sacrificing comfortability.

PULEN Privacy Screen Protector Galaxy A52 Render

Privacy rules: PULEN Privacy Screen Protector (4-pack)

PULEN's Privacy Screen Protector makes it so that nobody other than you can see what's on your phone. The angles adjust based on how you are holding the phone, and there is no loss in screen sensitivity due to the type of film being used. PULEN's kit includes two glass screen protectors for the main display and two more for the rear camera module.

$8 at Amazon
iVoler Screen Protector Galaxy A52 Render

Easy installation: iVoler Tempered Glass (4-pack)

This four-pack of iVoler 9H tempered glass screen protectors is sure to keep your Galaxy A52 safe from possible disaster. There is both a hydrophobic and oleophobic layer to keep fingerprints and oils off of your phone so that your screen always looks clean. In the box, you'll find four screen protectors, a cleaning cloth, and a dust remover for an easier installation process.

$10 at Amazon
amFilm Galaxy A52 Render

HD Clarity: amFilm Tempered Glass (3-pack)

Some tempered glass screen protectors do a great job protecting the display, but do so by also sacrificing quality. With the amFilm tempered glass screen protector, you won't have to worry about that with its 99.9% transparency. Plus, there are three screen protectors included in the pack, all of which that measure in at just 0.33mm.

Liseon Hydrogel Galaxy A52 Render

Something different: Liseon Hydrogel Protective Film

The Liseon Hydrogel Protective Film is different from what you may be accustomed to with tempered glass or PET film protectors. This screen protector measures 0.01mm, which is done so that you won't have to worry about sensitivity problems or color degradation.

$12 at Amazon
PULEN Glass Screen Protector Galaxy A52 Render

Covering the bases: PULEN Tempered Glass (5-pack)

PULEN makes some of the best screen protectors in the business thanks to the bubble-free installation and lifetime warranty. This kit includes three tempered glass screen protectors for the main display and two more for the rear camera bump. PULEN also includes a dust cloth, wet wipes, and dust removal tools to ensure a quick and easy installation.

$8 at Amazon
XSL Camera Lens Protector Galaxy A52 Render

Just the camera: XSL Camera Lens Protector

While many focus on keeping the main display scratch-free, you shouldn't forget about the cameras. An itty-bitty scratch can end up rendering your camera useless, and that's where XSL comes in. These screen protectors are just for the camera and feature tempered glass for the sensors, while the rest is made from an aluminum alloy for some added protection.

$12 at Amazon
GEEMAI Case Galaxy A52 Render

Get a case: GEEMAI Silicone Case w/ Screen Protector

The problem with screen protectors is that you never know whether they will work with the case you already have. With the GEEMAI Silicone Case, you won't have to worry about that, as the two included glass screen protectors will work in perfect tandem with your case in protecting the Galaxy A52.

$10 at Amazon

These are the best Galaxy A52 screen protectors

There's really no such thing as finding the right screen protector for the Galaxy A52. There are loads of great options available, but options like the IVSO Screen Protector kit stand out with the three screen protectors for the main display and three more for the rear camera module. These are case-friendly, anti-scratch, and IVSO promises a bubble-free installation.

Tempered glass screen protectors are cool and all, but they aren't for everyone. If you would rather make use of a PET film screen protector, then you're in luck, thanks to Supershieldz. This kit includes a total of six screen protectors to keep your Galaxy A52 looking in tip-top shape for years to come. It's important to remember that these aren't the greatest in terms of drop protection, but they'll do wonders for keeping scratches away from the display.

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