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Best outdoor security cameras 2022

Nest Cam with floodlight (wired)
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

Whether you're building a complete DIY home security system or you just want a single outdoor cam to protect your yard, consider carefully what features you'll actually need. Do you want a spotlight to scare off intruders or subtler IR night vision? Wired, battery-powered, or solar power? Is 1080p resolution enough? And is one security brand better than the rest? We're here to help you decide, starting with the best outdoor security cameras on the market right now in every category.

The floodlight helps

Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro Underside

(Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

When choosing the best outdoor security cameras for protecting your home, decide in advance where you'll want to place them and whether or not you have the budget to make your cameras more intimidating. A floodlight camera or spotlight camera will alert someone that they're being recorded and hopefully drive them off — but could also help the intruder spot and deactivate the camera.

So you'll want a camera you can mount high enough that robbers will have trouble reaching it. For wired cameras, you'll need to hardwire them to a junction box or to find a nearby outlet that someone can't easily access to unplug the camera; for wireless cameras, you'll want a cam that'll last long enough that you won't have to break out a ladder to replace the battery pack every week.

Our favorite is the Eufy Floodlight Camera, as it can replace most outdoor light fixtures and will add an excellent camera to keep an eye on your property. Eufy doesn't make you pay for AI detection or storage, meaning the purchase price of the camera is a one-time deal, unlike many other popular smart camera brands.

If you're not able to hardwire the floodlight camera to your particular position of choice, both Arlo and Blink offer compelling battery-powered alternatives that'll get the job done and last a long time on a single charge. Otherwise, if you've got a Ring camera system already, it's always best to stick to the Ring ecosystem for maximum compatibility with Ring's app and the routines available to its interlinked products.

Just choose carefully because if you also plan to buy some of the best indoor security cameras or a smart video doorbell, you'll likely want to buy all of them from a single brand. That way, you can check all of the footage from the same app, and a single subscription would give you cloud storage and AI detection for all of them.

As a note, we've recently removed Wyze cameras from our recommended list of best outdoor security cameras because of significant security issues (opens in new tab) that were recently found. While these flaws have been fixed, the company's deceptive practices over a period of three years have caused us to lose trust in its products.

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