Best OnePlus 8 Pro Cases Android Central 2020

The OnePlus 8 Pro is big, beautiful, and finally gives us all the features we've been hoping to see in a OnePlus flagship for years: IP water resistance and wireless charging. The back glass comes in some new colors this year — Glacial Green and Ultramarine Blue — but it's still a glass-backed phone, and that means you'll want to protect it so that you're not blowing hundreds of dollars repairing or replacing it. These are the best cases we can find right now for OnePlus's latest flagship.

Get a grip: OnePlus 8 Pro Sandstone Bumper Case

Sandstone adds plenty of grip to the 8 Pro's sizable backside, and while there's always the classic black, I'm much ore fond of the new Cyan color, which should go fabulously with both the Ultramarine Blue and Glacier Green versions of the 8 Pro.

$25 at OnePlus

Classic and cool: OnePlus 8 Pro Karbon Bumper Case

This is a look OnePlus phones have rocked for years, and while carbon fiber looks super slick, it's actually more grippy than you'd think at first glance. Carbon fiber offers a distinct look, though it does have a much higher price than the Sandstone.

$40 at OnePlus

Affordable protection: Tudia Merge Series

This dual-layer case comes in four colors, including a blue that should help the Ultramarine Blue pop, and the squishy TPU corbumpers should help mitigate those dreaded corner drops.

Slim scratch protection: Almiao Thin Fit

If you just want to add a little grip and a little protection against scuffs and scratches, this snap-on case is your no-bulk solution. Also, if you're jealous of all the warm, fuzzy colors that the OnePlus 8's Interstellar Glow can do, there's pink and red options here.

$12 at Amazon

Bumpity bump bump: Nillkin Textured Case

OnePlus has an Official Nylon case it's selling for the OnePlus 8, but for the Pro, you'll have to turn to third-party casemakers for that same tactile feeling. It's not exactly the same (the back here is polycarbonate instead of Nylon), but the look and feel are the same.

$11 at eBay

Clearly durable: UAG Plasma

UAG makes some of the more durable cases on the market, and the Plasma offers up that durability in a grippy, translucent package. The rubberized corners and honeycomb back should help your 8 Pro survive repeated drops without shattering that beautiful glass.

Why are good cases so hard to find?

OnePlus releases a flagship every six months instead of once a year. Because of the quicker turnaround between models, casemakers in general aren't as keen on OnePlus phones, meaning good cases usually take longer to reach the public and the case selection can vary widely between models. The OnePlus 8 Pro is the most expensive phone OnePlus has ever made, and combining that with manufacturing shutdowns over the last few months and economic instability has led to the case market for the 8 Pro being smaller than normal.

There are still some great case options out there for early adopters: I adore the new Cyan color for the OnePlus Official Sandstone Bumper Case, which has been the gold standard of first-party cases for years now. If you prefer to protect your phone more affordable, the Tudia Merge Series is here with the time-tested hybrid style and classic color options like Rose Gold, Silver, and bold Blue.

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