Best Motorola edge screen protectors Android Central 2021

The Motorola Edge 2021 brings gaming phone-level high refresh rates to the mid-range segment. You would want to take care of that beautiful 6.8 inch LCD. To help you preserve your beloved phone's smooth display, we have rounded up the best Motorola Edge screen protectors for you.

Motorola Edge 2021 Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector Reco

Plan A, B, and C: Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector (3 Pack)

Staff Pick

Tempered glass screen protectors are the best of the lot as they don't take away much from the touchscreen experience. Supershieldz offers an excellent set of three for a bargain, making sure you always have backup pairs ready for your Motorola Edge.

Motorola Edge 2021 Tqlgy Tempered Glass Reco

Leave nothing uncovered: TQLGY Camera Lens Protector, Tempered Glass (3+2 Pack)

TQLGY's set of protectors includes tempered glass for your Motorola Edge's display as well as camera lens protectors. You get three units of the screen guard and two units of the camera protector. So say goodbye to scratches on your screen and your camera bump!

$11 at Amazon
Motorola Edge 2021 Saharacase Zerodamage Tempered Glass Screen Protector Reco

Premium protection: SaharaCase ZeroDamage Tempered Glass Screen Protector

SaharaCase may be known for its top-quality cases, but it also makes some sturdy glass screen protectors. For example, the ZeroDamage Screen Protector for the Motorola Edge offers a durable 9H level of hardness and comes with a comprehensive set of easy install tools.

$25 at Amazon
Motorola Edge 2021 Coveron Screen Protector Reco

Curvy gal: CoverON Screen Protector (2 Pack)

Just like SaharaCase, CoverON too has made its name as a popular phone case maker and offers screen guards on the side. This Motorola Edge CoverON Screen Protector covers a larger portion of your display owing to its curved edges. If you want more coverage, this 2 Pack is a fantastic pick.

Motorola Edge 2021 Pujue Cover Case Built In Screen Protector Reco

Two for one: PUJUE Built-in Screen Protector Phone Case

The PUJUE Phone Case comes in three lovely colors, and it has a built-in screen protector. It encases the front and back of your Motorola Edge while simultaneously giving your phone a total makeover. Grab one in Black, Mint Green, or Purple.

$15 at Amazon
Motorola Edge 2021 Beukei Touch Sensitive Screen Protector Reco

Notch-less monster: Beukei Touch Sensitive Screen Protector (3 Pack)

It's big, it's scratch-proof, it's notch-less. The Beukei Touch Sensitive Screen Protector leaves no room for dust to creep under your Motorola Edge's screen protector. The whole thing is one slab of tempered glass without any cutout for the front camera.

$7 at Amazon
Motorola Edge 2021 Anbzsign Privacy Screen Protector Reco

Privacy first: Anbzsign Privacy Screen Protector (2 Pack)

Those of you who value privacy above all else should consider the Anbzsign Privacy Screen Protector. It adds a coat of tinted anti-spy glass to your Motorola Edge so that only you can view the content on the screen. Nobody will be able to peek at your passwords or private data with this covering your phone's display.

$11 at Amazon

Add layers of security

To increase security, a screen protector should be the first thing you buy for your phone, followed by a case for your Motorola Edge. The majority of your hard-earned coin goes towards the cost of the display when buying a phone so make sure you safeguard it. If you didn't get a protective film for your Moto Edge from the get-go, we've got you covered.

Our top pick for your Motorola Edge (2021) is the Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector. It comes in a set of 2 and offers high clarity, reliable durability, and scratch-resistance. You get bang for your buck and a couple of extra screen protectors for emergencies. If you're on the prowl for a more premium product, the SaharaCase ZeroDamage Screen Protector serves as the best alternative. It costs a tad more, but you'll go to sleep comfortably at night knowing that your Motorola Edge is secured by top-tier tempered glass.

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