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When you look at Motorola's latest G Play model, it's not difficult to understand why this is one of the best cheap Android phones. But just because it's "cheap" doesn't mean you shouldn't keep it protected with one of the best Moto G Play (2021) cases. Chances are, you've already picked up one of the best Moto G Play (2021) screen protectors, so why not complete the ensemble with a case? These are our favorite options for those looking to buy a case for their Moto G Play (2021).

Dretal Moto G Play 2021 Case Render

Familiar design: Dretal TPU Cover

Staff Pick

If you're looking to protect both the phone itself and the screen likely don't want to deal with making two separate purchases. That's where the Dretal Slim Fit Cover comes in, as you not only get a great TPU case with a sleek design, but there's also a tempered glass screen protector included.

$7 at Amazon
EasyAcc Slim Moto G Play 2021 Case Render

Slimmer than slim: EasyAcc Slim Case

Big and bulky cases may work for some, but many like the low-profile offered by a slim case. Thanks to the EasyAcc Slim Case, that's exactly what you'll get, which offers a soft TPU material for added grip, along with being flexible and scratch-resistant. And there's enough of a lip around the display and rear camera that you won't have to be too concerned with scratches appearing out of nowhere.

$7 at Amazon
Osophter Clear Case Moto G Play 2021 Render

Transparency FTW: Osophter Transparent Cover

There's just something about being able to pick up your phone and see it in all of its glory. But you definitely don't want to deal with dropping it just because you didn't want to use a case. With the Osophter Transparent cover, you'll get the best of both worlds with this clear TPU case.

$9 at Amazon
Motorola Protective Cover G Play 2021 Render

From the source: Motorola Essentials Protective Case

You didn't think Motorola would release a new phone and not release a case of its own, did you? The Motorola Essentials Protective Case features the company's branding right on the back so that you can wear your fandom for Motorola right on your sleeve. The case is made from TPU with textured side grips, making for a slim and lightweight case while offering up to 6-feet of drop protection.

TUDIA Merge Moto G Play 2021 Render

Shield your phone: TUDIA DualShield Merge

If you need a case that's a bit more durable than a regular-ole TPU case, then TUDIA's DualShield Merge fits the bill quite nicely. As the name suggests, the DualShield Merge comprises a polycarbonate outer shell used to keep the soft TPU inner shell locked in place. This combination ensures that any potential shocks from a drop will be evenly dispersed, so your phone remains unscathed.

$13 at Amazon
Venoro Glitter Moto G Play 2021 Render

Glitter bling y'all: Venoro Liquid Glitter Case

Where's the fun in a boring case with boring colors and limited protection. The Venoro Liquid Glitter case throws the boring notion out of the window with its floating glitter that moves around as you move the phone around. Venoro even includes a tempered glass screen protector for your display and another for the rear camera module.

$13 at Amazon
Otterbox Commuter Lite Moto G Play 2021 Render

The middle ground: Otterbox Commuter LITE

Otterbox is a household name and has been for years, thanks to the ultra-reliable and protective cases available for a wide array of devices. The Otterbox Commuter LITE has turned into a fan favorite as it doesn't add too much bulk, but just enough to keep your phone out of harm's way.

$30 at Amazon
Jelanry Moto G Play 2021 Render

Added shock protection: Jelanry Shockproof Case

If you're looking for a case that offers as much protection as possible, then the Jelanry Shockproof Case is the way to go. You'll find a dual-layer design with a hard polycarbonate inner shell, surrounded by a flexible and comfortable TPU outer shell. All of the buttons will still be just as tactile and clicky as you would expect, and there's even a dust flap that folds over the charging port to keep that free from debris.

$12 at Amazon
Foluu Flip Cover Moto G Play 2021 Render

Flip it open: Foluu Folio Wallet

Get rid of that Costanza wallet once and for all with the Foluu Folio Wallet. On the inner flap, you'll find three card slots, perfect for an ID and a couple of credit cards, allowing you to leave your "traditional" wallet at home so you can travel a bit lighter. The case also doubles as a stand, so you can prop up your Moto G Play if you want to catch up on your favorite show on your lunch break.

$10 at Amazon
UAG Scout Moto G Play 2021 Render

Scout it out: UAG Scout

When looking for a protective case, one of the key features is the MIL STD-810G rating, and that's what you'll find with the UAG Scout. The lightweight construction doesn't add too much weight, while the rubber grip improves grip and won't allow your phone to accidentally fall off an un-level table.

$30 at Amazon
Poetic Revolution Moto G Play 2021 Render

Revolutionary protection: Poetic Revolution

If you're looking for a case that provides 360-degrees of protection without you needing to install a screen protector, then Poetic has you covered with its Revolution case. This is one of our favorite cases for those who want a heavy-duty option, regardless of which phone you have. The Revolution features a built-in screen protector along with a kickstand on the back for those times you want to prop up your phone.

$21 at Amazon
Sucnakp Moto G Play 2021 Case Render

No drop fears: Sucnakp Drop Protection Cover

Having a TPU case with a bit of a fun design is always good, and that's what you'll get with the Sucnakp Drop Protection Case. At the top, you'll find precise cutouts around the camera module and rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. The design is actually split into two parts, giving you a different look and feel than other options. Plus, there's an included screen protector to keep scratches away from your display.

$8 at Amazon

These are the best Moto G Play (2021) cases

You really can't go wrong with a no-nonsense case like the Dretal TPU Cover with its classic design and lightweight build. The case features a brushed texture on the back to make it look like aluminum, along with carbon fiber look-alike cutouts at the top and bottom. But in terms of protection, you can rest easy knowing that this TPU Cover will handle all of the heavy lifting that you'll need.

There are traditional TPU cases, but even some of those are too bulky to use regularly. That's where something like the EasyAcc Slim Cover comes in, providing the same great TPU protection, but in a much slimmer profile. Even with a phone as great-looking as the Moto G Play (2021), you likely don't want to add too much bulk, but don't want to sacrifice protection. The soft TPU material prevents those annoying fingerprints from accumulating, while the raised edges keep the screen free from potential scratches.

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