Best LG Phones Android Central 2019

While its Android phones may not be as popular as the likes of Samsung, LG continues to kick out quality phones year after year. The lineup has gotten a little muddy with the relatively fast iteration and release of interim models between major launches, but that introduces interesting options at a variety of prices. Whatever you're shopping for, here are the best LG phones you can buy right now!

The best: LG G8

Staff favorite

If you want LG's latest and greatest, you get the newest phone: the G8. While it isn't substantially different from the V40, the G8 introduces the latest available spec sheet, a new OLED display, and an intriguing touchless Air Motion gesture controls. Plus, a new display membrane speaker promises better sound for calls and all other audio. And you get the standard solid build quality and high-end wired headphone experiences of LG's recent phones.

$850 at B&H

Good on sale: LG V40

With the G8 out on the scene, the V40 kind of loses its place at the top a bit — at least, if you're looking at it for its full $950 retail price. With the new model hitting stores, the price of the V40 is bound to drop, and if you can find it for under $800 it could easily be a better buy than the G8. You probably won't miss Air Motion, and you get a bigger screen to use.

$950 at Amazon

Save money: LG G7

If you want a majority what the V40 offers but in a smaller and more affordable package, you'll want to turn your attention towards the LG G7. Here you'll find a 6.1-inch 3120x1440 display, dual 16-megapixel cameras, and a glass build that's just as good-looking. The 3.5mm headphone jack has one of the highest-quality DACs available in a smartphone, and when it comes to the loudspeaker, it's one of the loudest we've ever heard.

$620 at Amazon

Budget champ: LG Stylo 4

When it comes time to really pinch the pennies, the Stylo 4 is your best choice if you want an LG handset but have to seriously watch how much money you're spending. For under $200, the Stylo 4 delivers a huge 6.2-inch Full HD display, single 13-megapixel rear camera, a large 3300mAh battery with USB-C charging, and an included stylus that allows you to doodle and draw to your heart's content.

$210 at Amazon

A mix of old and new: LG V35

Before LG released the powerful V40, it launched an interim phone between it and the V30 known as the LG V35. The V35 has two rear cameras instead of three like the V40 yet still retains a big OLED screen, Snapdragon 845 processor, and even has the advantage of not having a notch in its screen. Prices fluctuate, but if you can snag it for under $600 it's a great deal.

$650 at Amazon

Which LG phone is right for you?

If money isn't an object and you want the best LG phone money can buy, you'll want to go for the G8. It's tough to go wrong getting the latest, and LG has done a good job of simply adding to the experience with each new phone. The LG V40 has been effectively supplanted by the G8, but the differences are pretty minor, and that makes it a compelling choice once inevitable price cuts roll out now that the G8 is available. So if you're patient, keep an eye on the V40 for sales.

But not everyone can spend over $800 on a phone; if your budget is lower, the previous generation LG G7 is still a good pick that delivers a lot of the same experience for much less money now that it's been replaced. And at the lowest end of the bunch, deep into the "budget" realm, is the Stylo 4 that offers a surprisingly great all-around experience for about $200.

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