Best Heavy Duty Cases for Moto G4

You've just picked up your shiny new Moto G4 and you're looking for a good protective case for it. That's where we come in: here are some picks for the best heavy duty cases for the Moto G4.

Cimo Moto G4 hybrid case

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Coming in a variety of colors, the Cimo Moto G4 Hybrid case offers good protection while enhancing the look of your Moto G4.

Composed of two layers, a soft flexible inner layer and a hard outer layer, the Cimo Moto G4 hybrid case protects against drops and shocks. Additionally, it has a grippy texture on the back that helps you keep hold of your Moto G4, preventing you from dropping it. It also has raised bezels around the edge to protect the screen and the camera lens from getting scratched when you lay your phone down.

Like most heavy-duty cases, the Cimo Moto G4 hybrid case does add to the thickness of your phone; however, that is to be expected from a case that's supposed to protect it from damage.

If you're looking for a good protective case for a decent price that's comfortable to hold and is nice looking, then the Cimo Moto G4 hybrid case is for you.

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Tudia Extreme Protection case

The Tudia Extreme Protection case is a protective case that easily snaps on your Moto G4 while also keeping it looking sharp.

The Tudia Extreme Protection case is made out of two layers: a hard polycarbonate outer shell that fits over a soft thermo-plastic urethane (TPU) inner shell. The two layers form a protective shield against shocks and drops, as well as keep out dust and dirt.

It's stylish, too: it comes in four different colors — black, slate, mint and rose — so choose the one that suits you best.

If you're looking for a stylish yet protective case for your Moto G4, the TUDIA Extreme Protection case is a great option.

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Day Joy Moto G4 case

If you want a rugged case that makes your Moto G4 hard to drop, and you want a kickstand that you can prop up at any angle, then the DAYJOY Moto G4 case is the one you want.

Like other heavy-duty cases, the DAYJOY case has two layers: a hard polycarbonate outer layer and a soft inner layer made of flexible thermo-plastic urethane (TPU). This dual-layer construction helps to protect your device from the shocks associated with drops and well as preventing it from getting scratched up.

The back features ridges along the upper half to help you maintain your grip when you are holding your Moto G4, while the bottom half is smoother and contains the kickstand. The kickstand is able to rotate 360-degrees, so you can prop your device up at any angle that's comfortable for you to read, play games, or watch videos.

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J&D Moto G4 kickstand case

The J&D Moto G4 kickstand case is just what it says on the tin: a protective case that comes with a kickstand.

Made of a hard polycarbonate outer shell and a soft silicone inner shell, the J&D G4 kickstand case protects your Moto G4 if you drop it and prevents scratches.

The kickstand allows you to prop your Moto G4 up for reading, playing games, or watching videos in comfort, and it's ruggedly stylish, with an opening in the back to display the Motorola logo. Carry your phone with pride.

If you're looking for a rugged case with a kickstand that has an opening in the back for the Motorola logo, then the J&D kickstand case is on the top of your list.

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Oeago Defender case for Moto G4

The Oeago Defender case for the Moto G4 is a protective case with a grippy back that helps you maintain hold of your Moto G4.

Composed of a hard outer shell and soft core, the Oeago Defender protects your device against scratches and drops. It covers the buttons of your Moto G4 in the soft core material, shielding the weak points from damage. Don't worry, though, the button coverings don't interfere with their functionality in any way.

Additionally, the Oeago Defender has a kickstand that can open to a 45-degree angle for comfortable reading, gaming, or for watching videos.

If you're looking for a solid case for your Moto G4 that has a kickstand and helps you grip your device, then choose the OEAGO Defender.

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Poetic Revolution

Poetic makes a fine phone case and the Revolution is an excellent rugged option for your Moto G4. Comprising flexible TPU and hard polycarbonate, this case is the perfect blend of shock absorption and all-around protection from bumps and scratches.

Your ports and buttons are all covered, but there's still a tactile response from the buttons, and the ports can be accessed quickly enough, while keeping dirt and dust out.

Your choices are black, blue/gray, and pink/gray.

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This article was originally published on September 28, 2016. It was recently updated in January, 2017 with the following changes: Added the Poetic Revolution case.

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