Best Heavy Duty Cases for Moto G Stylus Android Central 2021

The Moto G Stylus is a rather unique handset in 2020. It provides a different experience than other phones in this price bracket thanks to the included stylus. Plus, Motorola has packed a total of three cameras on the back, giving you a few different ways to take some great pictures. For those reasons, you'll want to protect your new smartphone and these are the best heavy-duty cases you can get today!

UNC Pro Moto G Stylus Cropped Render

Vibrant and protective: UNC Pro Shockproof Case

Staff pick

The UNC Pro Shockproof case not only looks vibrant with its hot pink color but also comes in two different pieces. This is to help improve shock absorption and drop protection as a whole. Plus, the UNC Pro has a built-in kickstand so you can kick back (pun intended) and enjoy some content on your Moto G Stylus when the opportunity arises.

$9 at Amazon
Poetic Revolution Moto G Stylus Cropped Render

Revolutionary case: Poetic Revolution

Poetic's case offerings are always a fan-favorite for those who need a lot of protection, and that's exactly what you'll get with the Poetic Revolution. This case is designed to protect your G Stylus from all sides, with the built-in screen protector and hard frame. There's even a kickstand that can be found on the back, letting you prop up the G Stylus if you need to.

UAG Plyo G Stylus Case

Military-grade: UAG Plyo

Not only does the UAG Plyo have a crisp and clean look, but it also meets the MIL-STD 810G standards for drop protection. You get precise cutouts for the camera and rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, all while being lighter than you may expect. With this slim design, you'll still be able to use your wireless charger with the G Stylus, whenever you don't want to mess around with cables.

Otterbox Commuter Lite G Stylus Render

Tried and true: Otterbox Commuter Lite

Otterbox has been in the case game for quite a while and it's most popular case, the Commuter Lite, is now available for the Moto G Stylus. There's a soft PTU inner shell to help with shock absorption, along with the polycarbonate back shell for added drop protection.

$25 at Otterbox
Sucknakp Heavy Duty Moto G Stylus Cropped Render

Slim and rugged: Sucnakp Heavy Duty Cover

A lot of "heavy-duty" cases are big and bulky while being a bit unwieldy, but that's not a problem with the Sucnakp Heavy Duty Cover. This case offers a slim profile, with precise cutouts and raised edges around the display, camera, and fingerprint scanner. Plus, Sucnakp offers three different colors to choose from to fit your style.

$9 at Amazon
UAG Scout G Stylus Case

Lightweight design: UAG Scout

UAG's Scout case is a bit bulkier than others, but that's for good reason. On the inside edges, you'll find UAG's honeycomb design to allow for a lightweight design and the corners have been reinforced for drop protection. On the outside, this two-piece case sports a non-slip grip to help keep your G Stylus in your hands, and not on the ground.

CoverON Tank Moto G Stylus Cropped Render

Like a tank: CoverON Tank Series

The CoverON Tank case features just about everything you could want from a heavy-duty case, outside of a built-in screen protector. The case can withstand a fall from up to 10 feet, has built-in port guards, and the sides of the case are etched to improve your grip. While there's no included screen protector, the case is designed to be compatible with many third-party options.

E-Began Armor Defender G Stylus Render

Three pieces: E-Began Armor Defender

With E-Began's Armor Defender Case, you'll get a built-in kickstand, a three-piece design with a tempered glass screen protector, along with a belt holster. In fact, you'll get two kickstands: there's one built into the back of the case, and the belt clip can double as a kickstand if you don't want to take the G Stylus out completely.

$10 at Amazon
Poetic Guardian Moto G Stylus Cropped Render

360 degrees: Poetic Guardian

Poetic's Guardian case provides 360 degrees of protection thanks to the two-piece design with a built-in screen protector. With the clear back panel, you'll still be able to show off your new Moto G Stylus without sacrificing protection. Poetic also has port covers built right in for the headphone jack and charging port, removing the need to worry about dirt getting in.

$17 at Poetic
Aoways Military Case Moto G Stylus Cropped Render

On the hip: Aoways Military Grade Case

The Aoways Military Grade Case provides a full-cover design, which aims to provide as much protection against drops and other forms of damage. There's an included belt clip holster, which sports a built-in kickstand while being able to rotate up to 360 degrees. Aoways also provides two different color options, so you can find the right case for you.

$10 at Amazon
CoverON Gradient Moto G Stylus Cropped Render

Gorgeous design: CoverON Full Body Gradient Series

It's one thing to have a new phone that looks awesome, but then that new phone feeling is instantly removed when you slap a case on it. With the CoverON Full Body Gradient Case, that won't be an issue since this case is transparent, but has a pretty sweet-looking Pink and Blue gradient to help accentuate the look of your new G Stylus. CoverON states that this case is still compatible with many third-party screen protectors.

Zase Hybrid Moto G Stylus Cropped Render

Unique textures: Zase Hybrid Combo Case

The Zase Hybrid Case will not only protect your Moto G Stylus from when life happens, but there's also a belt holster so you can keep your pockets free. This case offers a slim and low-profile, along with a built-in kickstand, and precise cutouts for the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, along with the camera system. With the unique textured pattern on the back and sides, this will improve your grip while handling the G Stylus.

$12 at Amazon

Heavy duty cases for heavy-duty situations

Although there are quite a few different cases to choose from, our favorite heavy-duty case for the Moto G Stylus is the UNC Pro case. You'll get a soft TPU inner shell for shock absorption, and a hard polycarbonate shell for added drop protection. Plus, there's a magnetic kickstand built into the case, perfect for when you want to kick your feet up or prop your phone up while you eat.

If you want something a bit more protective and bulky, you can't go wrong with the Poetic Revolution case. This is a popular option for many different smartphones, and not it's available for the Moto G Stylus. The case comes in two pieces, has a built-in kickstand, and also sports a built-in screen protector. With this combination, you'll get 360 degrees of protection, and won't have to worry about any damage happening to your new phone.

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