Best Heavy Duty Cases for Moto G Power Android Central 2021

Motorola has a chance to surprise everyone in the budget market again with the Moto G Power. This handset sports a beautiful 6.4-inch display, while being powered by the Snapdragon 665 and 4GB of RAM. The best part is the included 5,000mAh battery, which could last you up to three days with regular use. So why not get a rugged case to keep the G Power chugging along without getting damaged in the process? Here are the best Moto G Power cases you can get.

Otterbox Commuter Lite G Power Render

The classic pick: Otterbox Commuter Lite

Staff Pick

Otterbox and ruggedness are practically synonymous since the company has been making protective cases for years. The Otterbox Commuter Lite offers a slimmer profile than the Defender series, but still does a great job at protecting your G Power.

$31 at Otterbox
UAG Plyo G Power Cropped

Advanced protection: UAG Plyo

At first glimpse, you may think that the UAG Plyo is just another TPU case. That's simply not the case (heh) as you'll get reinforced edges and corners for improved shock absorption. This, combined with the military-grade drop protection, make for a solid G Power case.

Yunerz Hybrid G Power Cropped

Clip it on: Yunerz Hybrid Cover

Sometimes you just don't want to put your phone in your pocket, and the Yunerz Hybrid Cover can help. The case itself is made from a combination of TPU and polycarbonate to protect against drops and scratches. There's even a built-in kickstand when you want to kick back, but you also get a belt clip that rotates up to 180 degrees.

$14 at Amazon
MAIKEZI Armor Defender G Power Cropped

Playful and safe: MAIKEZI Armor Defender

The owl on this case may portray that it's more of a fun case and not so great at protecting your G Power. However, the MAIKEZI Armor Defender comes in two separate pieces to not only protect the G Power but to provide some added grip.

$8 at Amazon
UAG Scout G Power Cropped

Keep a low-profile: UAG Scout

UAG's Scout case is just a step below that of the Plyo, but it's not far off. This case features a one-piece design, but is made from impact-resistant material, and has a unique honeycomb pattern on the inside to help even more.

Venoro Dual Layer G Power Cropped

Pick a color: Venoro Dual-Layer Case

It's one thing to provide great protection for your phone, but many of those cases just come in a single color. With the Venoro Dual-Layer Case, you'll get a unique pattern on the back, along with five different colors to choose from. You get all of this while keeping your G Power out of harm's way.

$9 at Amazon

Don't disrupt the Power

The Moto G Power is a rather intriguing device, so you'll want to make sure you get a case to keep it protected. The Otterbox Commuter Lite is our favorite, as this case comes from a company that has a little bit of experience in the ruggedness game. And there are two different colors with a standard black along with an awesome-looking "Mint Way" color.

If you're looking for a protective case that doesn't sport a two-piece design, then you'll want to check out the UAG Plyo. This case is made from a single piece of impact and scratch-resistant material. And if you're worried about your buttons being covered, there's no need to worry as UAG has made the buttons oversized for tactile interaction.

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