Best Headphones for Runners Android Central 2019

If you're a runner, you know that any old pair of headphones won't always work, whether you're completing miles on the track or around town. If you want to listen to your music or a podcast while on the move, you need headphones that are sweatproof, lightweight, and offer great sound. No matter if you're a pro or just get started with the running lifestyle, these are our favorite headphones for runners.

Flagship earbuds: Jaybird X4

Want running headphones that do it all? Jaybird X4 are for you. Sound quality is fantastic, battery life is rated for eight hours of use per charge, they're extremely comfy to wear, and have a waterproof design. Learn even more in our full review!

$129 at Amazon

Super compact: Jaybird Tarah

If you want about 90 percent of what the Jaybird X4 bring to the table but for $30 less, the Jaybird Tarah earbuds are a perfect fit. Battery life is shorter at six hours and the sound isn't quite as powerful, but the even more compact design is fantastic. Check out the review here.

$99 at Amazon

Stretch your dollars: Senso Bluetooth Headphones

For buyers that really want to stretch their dollars, it's hard to do much better than Senso's headphones. You'll find deep bass, clear treble, and a seriously impressive battery that lasts up to eight hours on one charge. There's even an IPX7 water resistance rating and a 1-year warranty.

$29 at Amazon

Ultimate running earbuds: Samsung Gear IconX (2018)

Truly wireless earbuds are getting better all the time, and Samsung's Gear IconX are among the best. There's up to five hours of battery life, customizable eartips, good audio, and even built-in fitness tracking!

$132 at Amazon

Dirt cheap: Mpow Flame

The Mpow Flame are among the cheapest headphones on our list, but don't let the small price tag fool you. For less than $20, Mpow offers headphones with IPX7 water resistance, 7-9 hours of battery, multiple colors, and a snug fit in the ear.

$16 at Amazon

Super reliable: Phaiser BHS-530

Phaiser struck a winning balance of offering a ton of great features while keeping things affordable. The 10mm speakers offer great sound for the price, the sweat-proof design is great for all sorts of runs, and you get a lifetime warranty for your purchase.

$29 at Amazon

Bone conducting magic: AfterShokz Trekz Titanium

If you often find yourself running on a busy street, it might be worth getting AfterShokz bone-conducting headphones. By vibrating your cheekbones, you can listen to all of your music in high-quality glory while leaving your ears open to hear traffic and other potential hazards.

$98 at Amazon

Premium sound: Bose SoundSport Wireless

The Bose SoundSport Wireless are easily the best-sounding headphones on this list. The sound that comes out of these really is amazing, and along with that, you'll also get up to six hours of battery and a sweat- and water-resistant design.

$149 at Amazon

Look ma no wires: Jabra Elite Active 65T

Another good truly-wireless pair of headphones is the Jabra Elite Active 65T. These come with a 2-year warranty against sweat and dust, enhanced wireless tech that allows for fewer music dropouts, up to five hours of battery, and Amazon Alexa is built right in.

$189 at Amazon

As someone who tries to squeeze in a run whenever I can, I've found myself gravitating towards the Jaybird X4. The combination of high-quality sound, excellent battery, and a comfy and durable design all comes together to create one heck of a product that's definitely deserving of its steeper price.

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