Best Google Wifi wall mounts 2024

Google Wifi
Google Wifi (Image credit: Jerry Hildenbrand / Android Central)

Google Wifi isn't the worst looking option when considering the best WiFi routers, and it's pretty easy to stick it anywhere in your house without offending anyone. However, every home is different, and you might want something a little more elegant and organized than just plonking a node down on a window sill. Thanks to its popularity and the fact it's a pretty simple shape, there are plenty of options out there for mounting the Google Wifi to a wall or even a ceiling.

Clean up the wires with the best Google Wifi mounts

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The Google Wifi isn't the ugliest router out there, but sometimes you just want it out of the way, and that's where mounts come in. Luckily, Google Wifi modules are small enough to hide on any shelf or desk, but you can also affordably mount them to your wall near a convenient outlet if that fits better in a particular room or space in your home.

Our top pick is the Dot Genie Google Wifi Outlet Holder, which requires no screws for setup. This mount sits flush below your power outlet on the wall and offers built-in cord management, so you don't have unsightly wires dangling down your wall.

All of these mounts are great options for mounting the Google Wifi, but we'll shout out the ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf since it can also be used for another gadget if need be, and it's straightforward to install. ECHOGEAR also offers a two-pack if you happen to have a Google Wifi and one of the modules to expand your network reliability.

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