Best gaming controllers for Amazon Fire TV 2024

Looking to invite friends over for a multiplayer session on your Amazon Fire TV but not sure what controllers are compatible? We've got you covered. Whether you have a first- or second-generation Fire TV, a 4K Fire TV dongle, or the new Fire TV Cube there is a variety of Bluetooth and wired game controllers worth checking out. 

Thankfully if you already play games, you probably have at least one of these on hand already. Fire TV doesn't have a dedicated controller, so even something you already use like an Xbox or PlayStation model will suffice. 

The best game controllers for Amazon Fire TV

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Keep gaming on your Amazon Fire TV

It's tough to tell if Amazon even wants you to game on your Amazon Fire TV, but you sure can with the right accessories. It used to offer an official Amazon Fire Gaming controller, but that's essentially been discontinued. Amazon also seemingly scrubbed any help and how-to articles about pairing Bluetooth controllers from the Fire TV support page, but you should be able to get any of the controllers on our list to pair via Bluetooth. Gamers will always find a way.

Chances are, you might already have an older DualShock or Xbox controller kicking around your house to try out, or you could try and seek out a cheaper used version at a local gaming shop. If so, the DualSense is a great option, though you will need to mind the battery life.

Otherwise, our top recommendation is the SteelSeries Stratus XL because it has the classic layout that you're looking for in a gaming controller, long battery life, and it's great beyond the FireTV. You can pair this up with just about any device, including your Android gaming phone, and use it there too. It's really a great solution no matter where you're gaming.

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