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The Samsung Galaxy S8 is getting on in years, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't still pick up one of the best Galaxy S8 cases. Whether you bought your phone on Day One or decided to buy the Galaxy S8 in 2020, you want this phone to last you as long as it can, so buy it a case that will protect it in style!

iBlason Ares case for Galaxy S8

Pretty and protective: i-Blason Ares

Staff Pick

While most multi-layer cases hide all of your phone's delicate features from view and harm, the Ares lets the beauty of your S8's glass back shine through the clear polycarbonate back, aided and complemented by bold accents like creamy pink or vivid green.

Spigen Liquid Crystal case for Galaxy S8

The glass standard: Spigen Liquid Crystal

If you want a case that will cover your glass against scuffs and scrapes while still not hiding a single inch of its beauty, Spigen's Liquid Crystal is simply the best around. I'm partial to the Liquid Crystal Glitter variant, but the regular clear case is great on its own.

$11 at Amazon
MaxBoost Wallet Case for Galaxy S8

Light on your wallet: CASEOWL Detachable Wallet Case

CASEOWL offers a wallet case that will keep your Galaxy S8 safe and secure while also letting you keep your traditional wallet at home. This case actually comes in two pieces, with a premium leather TPU case to house your Galaxy S8, and then the wallet, which features eight card slots and a photo window.

$15 at Amazon
HETP Battery Case Galaxy S8 Cropped

Power on the go: Mophie Juice Pack Battery Case

Battery life on the Galaxy S8 isn't the best out there, but with this case from Mophie, you can easily extend the phone's longevity in the blink of an eye. Not only do you get lots of extra use thanks to the 2,950 mAh battery, but the case also offers 360-degree protection and a wonderfully grippy back.

Spigen Neo Hybrid case for Galaxy S8

Never fails: Spigen Neo Hybrid

The Neo Hybrid is not just our favorite Spigen case of all time; it's one of our favorite case series period. The dual-layer construction is slim but still protective, and for the S8, the color combos available are legion! The Niagra Blue and Arctic Silver are stunning.

From $15 at Amazon
Anccer Ultra Thin case for Galaxy S8

Thin and colorful: Anccer Ultra Thin

This hard candy shell case is as darling as it is durable. While Anccer usually has almost a dozen color options for flagship phones, after two years, the stock has been whittled down to four colors: Smooth Red, Smooth Dark, Gravel Black, and Gravel Green.

$12 at Amazon
Supcase Unicorn Beetle Clear case for Galaxy S8

Clear and colorful: Supcase Unicorn Beetle Style

This clear case is a bit more rugged and a lot bolder than the Spigen Liquid Crystal, resulting in a case that is striking in its own right while still putting the S8's delightful design front and center as the star. There are four two-tone colors available, and they're all winners.

UAG Plasma case for Galaxy S8

Diamond in the rough: UAG Plasma

While there are two solid styles available, the translucent models like the Citron, Ice, and Cobalt are far more beautiful, letting some Samsung branding through while still defending your phone from scuffs, dings, drops and shatters as only UAG can.

Ringke Flex S Series case for Galaxy S8

Ultra slim: Ringke Slim

This ultra-slim case from Ringke offers a flexible and durable TPU shell, gripping your S8 tight and absorbing some of the shock should it take a small tumble from your pocket. Since this case is so slim, it's sure to work with just about any wireless chargers you may have around your house, while even sporting a cutout for a lanyard if you want to tie your S8 to your wrist.

OtterBox Commuter Series for Galaxy S8

Tough and tested: OtterBox Commuter Series

OtterBox remains one of the most well-known and well-trusted names in heavy-duty cases, and the Commuter Series balances bulk and protection better than the more hulkish Defender Series. Available in four colors, this rugged case is built for real-world conditions.

OtterBox Commuter Series for Galaxy S8

Familiar design: JETech Protective Cover

The JETech Protective Cover offers a familiar design with the combination of a soft matte finish on the back, along with carbon fiber accents at the top and bottom. To add even more grip to your Galaxy S8, JETech included the carbon fiber material along each side of the case.

BENTOBEN Case Galaxy S8 Render

Get a ring: BENTOBEN Silicone Ring Holder Case

The BENTOBEN Silicone Ring Holder Case is rather unique in that it doesn't only feature a ring on the back to remove the need for something like a PopSocket. But this ring holder also works with select car mounts that rely on magnets to keep your phone in place while you're on the road.

$10 at Amazon

Snag one of the best Galaxy S8 cases

While all of these cases are highly-rated and worthy of protecting your precious flagship, alas, your phone can only wear one case at a time. While the Spigen Neo Hybrid is so luxurious in hand you probably won't ever want to take it off, the i-Blason Ares with its built-in screen protector and vivid color accents will protect your phone with its life on a weekend hiking trip or out to your uncle's ranch

On the lighter side of the spectrum, Anccer Ultra Thin have been our go-to thin cases for the last couple of years because they're affordable and vibrant. Speaking of vibrant, if you want to show off the S8's glass back while still keeping it super-duper secure, the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Style has a crystal clear back paired with two-tone hybrid bumpers to offer you the best of all worlds. Plus, the blue and purple models are taunting me with their loveliness.

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