The Samsung Galaxy S8 may be approaching its first birthday, but it's still one of the best-looking phones on the market right now. But there are two sides of curved Gorilla Glass, which means that any drop, even from a short distance, could damage it. If you're looking for a case for your new Galaxy S8, we've got you covered!

Samsung S-View case

If you're after a case made by Samsung, you'll definitely want to check out the S-View case. A perennial favorite for the latest Galaxy phones, the S-View case will keep your phone with that front cover that also adds some functionality to your sleeping phone.

This case is compatible with wireless charging and offers full protection for your phone, but the best feature (and where it gets its name) is the ability to see the time and notifications with the front flap closed.

Available starting at $29 for black and up to $48 for the gold version, you'll be able to find one that perfectly matches the color of your phone. Since it's made by Samsung, you can be sure of the fit, and it's well worth the money for all the functionality packed in here.

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Samsung Alcantara case

Another great option from Samsung is the official Alcantara case. It's soft, grippy, and downright comfy to hold in your hand.

Unlike other plastic and rubber cases, the Alcantara has a nice suede finish that adds some friction to an otherwise slippery phone, and will definitely help your phone stand out from the crowd. It's available in four colors starting at $30 on Amazon.

The Galaxy Note 8 Alcantara case is like a soft blanket for your phone

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CM4 Q-Card case

The Q-Card case from CM4 stands out from other wallet-style cases with its back pocket for storing cards. Made of premium fabric, it offers a nice texture for your hand and allows the card pocket to expand and accommodate up to three cards and some cash. This texture is also along the edge of the case which helps to make this a very grippy case in your hand.

This case also features all the protective elements you'd want from a case, including air-cushioned corners to help disperse shocks away from your phone, a bezel around the front to protect the screen, and even includes a slim slot along the edge that can be used with a credit card to create a kickstand for hands-free media viewing.

Get yours for either the Galaxy S8 or larger S8+ for just $21!

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UAG Monarch Case

The Urban Armor Gear Monarch is one of those iconic smartphone cases that you've definitely seen around. It's so popular because it delivers the rugged protection you demand for your phone while remaining relatively slim and lightweight.

The UAG Monarch is a great option for the Galaxy S8, as it makes the phone easier to hold thanks to the smart design decisions here. That includes a soft rubber lip around the display and skid pads on the back, so your phone won't slide off any surfaces. The case is also slim enough to not impede Samsung or Android Pay functionality and still allows you to wirelessly charge your phone.

These case is backed by a 10-year warranty and will set you back $55 on Amazon.

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Spigen Liquid Crystal

The best clear cases offer protection for your phone without drawing attention to the fact that you've got a case on your phone. The Spigen Liquid Crystal is an ideal clear case that'll keep your phone safe while letting the design of your Galaxy S8 shine through.

Made of lightweight and flexible TPU material, this single-layer case is easy to pop onto your phone while adding next to no bulk to the phone. Precise cutouts and buttons mean that your phone's functionality is never affected, and it's thin enough to allow for wireless charging, too.

You can get this case for your phone for as low as $10.

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FLOVEME Gradual Colorful Gradient Case

From a clear case, we switch to a "Whoa, lemme see your phone" case. This is a thin bumper case made of PC that's been modded so that the colors shift between purple and blue based on your angle and sunlight. It definitely reminds us of the color shift effect that HTC used in the U11 design. If you thought that phone looked pretty cool, you can get a similar effect for your Galaxy S8 with this case for $14 on Amazon. It's also available for the S8+ and Note 8.

We specifically placed this one right after the clear case to hopefully make your head turn. Show off the sleek design of your Galaxy S8 with a wild splash of color.

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Otterbox Commuter Series

The OtterBox Commuter Series has garnered a well-deserved reputation as being one of the best cases for keeping your phone well protected while maintaining a slim design.

Like most OtterBox cases, this is a two-piece case that features a soft inner sleeve paired with a hard outer shell that helps to absorb impacts while providing great all-around protection for your phone. The case features port covers over the headphone jack and USB-C charging port, which just adds extra protection against dirt, dust, and pocket lint.

Typically we'd also recommend OtterBox's Defender Series, which typically offers more rugged protection with a built-in screen protector. However, OtterBox made the curious decision to not include a screen protector with their Defender Series case for the Galaxy S8. Both cases are compatible with screen protectors but the Commuter Series is probably your best bet, as it's $10 cheaper and offers most of the same protection — although it lacks the Defender Series' belt clip holster.

The OtterBox Commuter is currently on sale for just $15 right now. It's an amazing deal so act on it quick!

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Ringke Flex S Series

If you like your case's name aligning with your phone's, the Ringke Flex S is a great option. (It's also a damn good case.)

The main attraction here is the exceptional protection gleaned from the combination of a flexible TPU layer cushioning the phone itself, which is covered by a hard polycarbonate layer. That's a familiar combination, but Ringke's version is very attractive, with a grippy, textured back that looks great as it protects.

You can pick up a Flex S case for around $14 and it comes in four colors.

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VRS Design Cases

VRS Design has a full collection of cases available from its site for the Galaxy S8, but we'll highlight one of the more minimalist options here.

The Single Fit case offers a minimalist option for keeping your phone safe. It's a one-piece case made of TPU that snugly fits around your Galaxy S8 without adding too much bulk to that sleek design. Unlike the phone itself, this case is fingerprint resistant and also provides better grip than the slippery Gorilla Glass on the Galaxy S8. You get nice protection around the camera and fingerprint sensor on the back, and a subtle lip around the screen, along with the ample cutouts and precise buttons to ensure your phone's functionality is unaffected.

Check out the Single Fit case for around $20.

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Spigen Liquid Air Armor

Spigen consistently delivers cases that combine great design and quality protection for a stylish product that keeps your phone safe. We've gone hands-on with their latest batch of cases for the Galaxy S8 and can report back that they're as good as ever on Samsung's latest device. Whether you like their Tough Armor series or their minimalist Thin Fit cases, you're sure to find a case that you'll love.

We're big fans of the Liquid Air Armor, one of the most low-profile cases that actually protects your phone. It's a great combination — a flexible TPU, not too thin, plus a textured back for extra grip.

Best of all, the case is just $10, which is a steal for one of our favorite cases for the Galaxy S8!

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Nomad Leather Folio Wallet

Nomad's Galaxy S8 folio case is like nothing else on the list. It uses Horween leather from the oldest tannery in the United States that is meant to show its age. On the inside of the light brown case is a holder for up to six cards plus cash, and the phone insert is there to keep your Galaxy S8 steady in the case of a drop.

This is one of the nicest-looking folio cases we've seen to date, and we're looking forward to seeing how it looks in three or six months!

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What case are you rocking?

We want to know how you plan to keep your Galaxy S8 protected. Let us know which case you're getting in the comments!

Update, February 2018: This list has been updated with new cool options and updated pricing info.

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