Best Galaxy A70 Cases in 2022

Samsung Galaxy A70 Lifestyle Hero
Samsung Galaxy A70 Lifestyle Hero

The Samsung Galaxy A-series doesn't get as much love as the S and Note flagships, but just at a glance the Galaxy A70 looks way more similar to it's premium bretheren than its competition in the mid-range smartphone space. Samsung has opted to use "Glasstic" on the back side (basically a really glossy plastic material) so you're going to want a case to avoid any unsightly scratches and scuffs.

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Phone cases are always a good idea. You never hear someone drop their phone and say "man, I wish my phone didn't have a case on" — but there are countless examples of the inverse situation.

Mid-tier phones sometimes get the shaft in terms of accessories, but there's a ton of great options out there for the Samsung Galaxy A70. Our top recommendation is the Spigen Rugged Armor because it's a fairly minimalist design that protects well where you need it and makes any slippery phone feel that much more comfortable in your hand.

Beyond that, it's really a matter of personal preference but I'll also give the nod to the DagoRoo case in part because I think the honeycomb pattern on the back looks really great and also helps to protect, but even more so because it's the best price on our list.

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