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The Samsung Galaxy A-series doesn't get as much love as the S and Note flagships, but just at a glance the Galaxy A70 looks way more similar to it's premium bretheren than its competition in the mid-range smartphone space. Samsung has opted to use "Glasstic" on the back side (basically a really glossy plastic material) so you're going to want a case to avoid any unsightly scratches and scuffs.

Modern classic: Spigen Rugged Armor

Staff pick

The Spigen Rugged Armor is my go-to case for any phone that it's available for, so of course it gets top billing for the A70. It's an ultra-thin design that features stylish and functional carbon fiber accents that look great and help with grip.

$11 at Amazon

Rugged and clear: Ringke Fusion X

The Ringke Fusion X is the perfect case for anyone looking to balance rugged protection with a clear case style. This refined design features reinforcement around the corners and edges to protect against drops along with a transparent back to show off the phone's colors.

$11 at Amazon

So many colors: kwmobile TPU Silicone Case

There's nothing wrong with getting a basic TPU silicone case for your smartphone. With companies like Kwmobile, you aren't limited to just one or two colors, as this case for the Galaxy A70 has almost 40 different colors and designs to choose from. Additionally, the slim design will make it easy to hold without adding too much extra weight.

$8 at Amazon

Versatile and protective: Ykooe Leather Wallet Flip Case

Wallet cases are an ideal choice for larger phones like the A70 because they provide ample protection for both the front and back your phone. This style from CaseMe is available in three colors, includes a magnetic closure, and offers two card slots along with a cash pocket.

From $11 at Amazon

A clear choice: Ferilinso Crystal Clear Case

With the right clear case, it'll look like you're not using a case at all! Ferilinso makes its clear cases out of flexible TPU and keeps them nice and thin so as to not add unnecessary bulk to your phone. This is your best bet for a truly clear case.

$8 at Amazon

Shock proof protection: J&D ArmorBox

Some people need heavy-duty protection for their phones, and J&D provides just that with its ArmorBox case. It's a dual-layer case that's designed to be rugged as hell without being too bulky. You also get some nice ridges and textures to assist with your grip.

$9 at Amazon

Honeycomb texture: DagoRoo Rugged Shockproof

This DagoRoo case uses a honeycomb pattern along the inside to offer enhanced shock protection and also to protect the phone from wear and tear. You also get a protective lip around the display and the camera setup.

$6 at Amazon

Thin with a matte finish: Arkour Ultra Thin

Fans of thin cases should snag an ultra thin case from Arkour. These cases are designed to snap onto your phone and act as a second skin, taking all the bumps and scuffs so your phone doesn't. It's available in four color styles, with the green offering a sandstone finish for non-slip grip.

$12 at Amazon

Naturally unique: kwmobile Wooden Protection

Tired of plastic cases that all look and feel basically the same? Add a splash of natural texture to the back of your phone with these cases from kwmobile. Choose between two styles that use real wood to offer a natural look and feel.

$10 at Amazon

All-in-one: Poetic Guardian

The Poetic Guardian is the perfect case for someone looking for an all-in-one solution for protecting the Galaxy A70. There is already a screen protector built-in, a polycarbonate back shell, and a TPU lining for the ultimate protection. Poetic also offers four different colors to choose from, although all of them still allow you to see through to the Glasstic back.

$15 at Amazon

Don't drop it: Atump Rotating Ring Holder

The Atump Rotating Ring Holder has a hidden feature up its sleeve that you might miss. The case is compatible with magnetic car mounts, thanks to the center of the ring including a hidden piece of iron to attach to the different mounts. Plus, this dual-layer case is sure to protect your A70 from possible disaster, especially with the included screen protector.

$7 at Amazon

Like a tank: Simicoo Armor Defender

Finding a case capable of handling everything and anything can be a tough task to achieve. The Simicoo comes as close as possible with the aluminum alloy outer case, mand built-in Gorilla Glass cover. The case offers 360-degrees of protection, and looks like it could withstand getting run over by an 18-wheeler.

$26 at Amazon

Save yourself the headache of a broken phone

Phone cases are always a good idea. You never hear someone drop their phone and say "man, I wish my phone didn't have a case on" — but there are countless examples of the inverse situation.

Mid-tier phones sometimes get the shaft in terms of accessories, but there's a ton of great options out there for the Samsung Galaxy A70. Our top recommendation is the Spigen Rugged Armor because it's a fairly minimalist design that protects well where you need it and makes any slippery phone feel that much more comfortable in your hand.

Beyond that, it's really a matter of personal preference but I'll also give the nod to the DagoRoo case in part because I think the honeycomb pattern on the back looks really great and also helps to protect, but even more so because it's the best price on our list.

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