There are a lot of decent deals if you're interested in buying a NAS for Cyber Monday, and if you are picking up a new NAS or need to increase the storage in your current enclosure, you will need hard drives.

Thankfully, both Seagate and Western Digital make hard drives tailored for use in NAS enclosures. What makes these hard drives stand out is that they come with vibration resistance and other safeguards to ensure they hold up just fine within a storage enclosure, and they deliver long-term reliability. These are the best Cyber Monday NAS hard drive deals.

Best Cyber Monday NAS hard drive (HDD) deals

WD Red

WD Red Plus 4TB NAS HDD | $51 off

The 4TB Red Plus is the ideal NAS hard drive for home users. It works great for 24/7 use, comes with a three-year warranty, and delivers long-term reliability. So if you just bought a NAS and need a hard drive for storing your media library and photos, this is the best choice.

$69 at Newegg
Western Digital 18TB NAS Hard Drive

Western Digital 18TB NAS Hard Drive | $250 off

Want a lot of storage? You should take a look at this WD enclosure. You'll have to remove the housing, take out the drive that's inside, and then slot it into your NAS enclosure. That's a lot of work, but the upside is that the value on offer here is ridiculous.

Toshiba N300 8TB NAS Hard Drive

Toshiba N300 8TB NAS Hard Drive | $75 off

Use code BCMAY22339 to get your hands on an 8TB NAS drive for a lot lower than what it usually costs. The N300 works incredibly well in demanding situations, and with a 180TB/year endurance, it is built to last.

$160 at Newegg
Western Digital Red Plus

WD Red Plus 14TB NAS HDD | $49 off

The WD Red Plus series is a decent choice if the IronWolf pick is sold out or if you need more storage. This particular option is a CMR drive that works at 5400rpm and comes with a 180 terabyte/written rating, and you get a 512MB cache and three-year warranty.

$481 at Amazon
WD Easystore 8TB

WD Easystore 14TB HDD | $220 off

The WD Easystore is an enclosure of its own, but you can remove the housing to access the internal hard drive and use that in your NAS. The white-label hard drive that's in the Easystore is a helium option that is built for long-term use, and the value on offer makes this a fantastic choice.

$200 at Best Buy
Toshiba N300 12TB NAS HDD

Toshiba N300 12TB NAS HDD | $63 off

Toshiba's N300 is also a standout option if you're looking for a NAS hard drive. The 12TB N300 is ideal for home and small business users, and comes with a 7200rpm drive with a 180 terabyte/written rating, three-year warranty, and a built-in sensor to account for the inherent vibrations within a NAS.

$295 at Amazon

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