Best Colorful Galaxy S10e Cases

First-party Samsung S10 cases
First-party Samsung S10 cases (Image credit: Android Central)

There's no denying that the Samsung Galaxy S10e is a colorful phone in its own right, and why in the name of Android would you buy a case that's less colorful than your phone? I mean it just doesn't make sense! I believe life is too short for boring tech, and so I have sought out the best, boldest, and brightest cases out there to ensure your S10e is anything but bland or boring.

Colorful cases are as diverse as the users that buy them, but if you can't find the shade you want from the anccer Ultra Thin Fit, might I suggest going outside the box with a colorful clear case like the BAISRKE's gradient cases or the Ringke Fusion-X, which allow the S10e's natural colors to shine through while adding a little extra pop of colorful fun to your look? Really, though, I want all of these cases. I'm drooling over that castle case, man! So pretty!

Ara Wagoner

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