Best Colorful Galaxy S10e Cases Android Central 2020

There's no denying that the Samsung Galaxy S10e is a colorful phone in its own right, and why in the name of Android would you buy a case that's less colorful than your phone? I mean it just doesn't make sense! I believe life is too short for boring tech, and so I have sought out the best, boldest, and brightest cases out there to ensure your S10e is anything but bland or boring.

Candyshell color pop: anccer Ultra Thin Fit

Staff pick

These thin polycarbonate cases don't add any bulk, but they do add a bold hue to your S10e in one of six colors. I'm a fan of the Smooth Red and Gravel Green, but you really can't go wrong with any of these shaded shells.

$12 at Amazon

Stylish two-tone palettes: Spigen Neo Hybrid

The Neo Hybrid is one of my favorite case series because it doesn't sacrifice style in the name of protection. There might not be quite as many color choices here, but the ones that are here are perfection incarnate. The Navy/Arctic Silver plays perfectly with the blue, green, silver and black versions, while the Gold/Burgundy combo absolutely shines on the Flamingo Pink.

$16 at Amazon

Solid color squishiness: GOOSPERY Pearl Jelly

Goospery makes a couple of styles of TPU cases, but few in as many colors as the Pearl Jelly cases here. The case is available in 9 different colors, from a bright Tangerine to deep Red to a summery Teal. These cases may not be super fancy, but they are absolutely super colorful!

$9 at Amazon

A bump of blue: Ringke Fusion-X

Ringke knows its way around a rugged case, and the Ringke Fusion-X is a clear case with bold, beautifully shaded bumpers. Royal Purple is great for the Flamingo Pink and Black models while Space Blue shines with the Blue, Green and White models. Rugged and dependable, this colorful case won't leave your phone defenseless.

$13 at Amazon

Gradient goodness: BAISRKE Gradient Flexible TPU

This case isn't quite as durable as the hybrid Ringke-X, but BAISRKE's clear case instead features some fantastic gradients going from top to bottom. These gradients feature blues, pinks, purples, and blacks, with a nice variety to pick from — though I don't think any are quite as fetching as this Blue-Purple variant — combining with your phone's original tint to create a unique look.

$9 at Amazon

Do you believe in magic?: Unov Watercolor Castle Embossed Cover

This sparkling clear case is a shimmering example of how clear cases can be the most colorful of all, though the basic silver color here isn't doing it any favors. This clear case puts a shimmering fairytale castle that bears a striking similarity to the one here in Orlando on the back of your S10e, complete with pink wishing stars and a trail of pixie dust over the castle.

$9 at Amazon

First-party fierceness: Official Samsung Soft-Touch Silicone

Samsung got in on the colorful case market this year, offer its Silicone, Leather Cover, and Leather Wallet cases in seven shades — one for every color offered on any Galaxy S10. That gives us first-party cases in bold, perfectly matched colors to the phone in your hand.

$30 at Amazon

Mesmerizing mandalas: Smart Legend Hybrid Mandala

Mandala cases are vibrant, beautiful, and I've purchased them for way too many of my phones at this point. I keep coming back to this style for a couple of reason, but the best of them is that this style lets the S10e's natural beauty shine through while still showing some flair, style, and color. Yes, I'm a sucker for teal, but Smart Legend also offers this case in purple, pink, and black.

$9 at Amazon

Ready for summer: Rosebono Fashion Graphic Hybrid

I may be out of school, but the beach is always going to trigger a Pavlovian response that screams WANT SUMMER in my head. This hybrid case comes in five distinct and vibrant styles, but none make me want to grab my phone and head for the ocean like this Starfish model. The inner silver TPU layer absorbs damage and dust while the hard outer shell protects your S10 and screams SUMMER at everyone you meet.

$8 at Amazon

Colorful cases are as diverse as the users that buy them, but if you can't find the shade you want from the anccer Ultra Thin Fit, might I suggest going outside the box with a colorful clear case like the BAISRKE's gradient cases or the Ringke Fusion-X, which allow the S10e's natural colors to shine through while adding a little extra pop of colorful fun to your look? Really, though, I want all of these cases. I'm drooling over that castle case, man! So pretty!

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