Best Clear Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S8

It's the same debate with the release of every new phone: Do you show it off or protect it with a durable case?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a brilliant new design that you'll definitely want to flaunt, but you'll also want to keep all that glass unscathed, right? Split the difference with a clear case and show off your new phone while keeping it protected from harm.

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Samsung Clear Cover case

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Of Samsung's own cases, the Clear Cover case is the most compelling. This case features a translucent cover that protects your phone's screen, while still allowing you to interact with your phone by answering calls, changing the music, and more.

Planning to watch a lot of video on that shiny new screen? This case also folds over into a stand for hands-free viewing. Samsung has designed a very minimalist case that keeps the slim profile of your Galaxy S8 intact. If you're planning to pre-order your new phone directly from Samsung, you can add this case to your order during checkout.

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Spigen Ultra Hybrid Galaxy S8 case

Spigen consistently designs outstanding cases, and their clear cases are some of the best you can buy.

The Ultra Hybrid is a one-piece case that blends two of the most popular case materials. The bumper is made of flexible TPU to help absorb the shock of a drop and also features a raised lip around the front to protect the screen. The back plate is made of durable, hard PC plastic, which protects against scratches and other damage.

This case is virtually crystal clear, so you'll barely notice that it's there, but you'll be happy it is when it saves your phone from unsightly blemishes or a cracked screen.

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Spigen Liquid Crystal Galaxy S8 case

If you're looking for a clear case that's a little more svelte, Spigen has you covered with its Liquid Crystal case.

The one-piece design fits snugly around your phone and offers basic protection while letting the beautiful look of your phone shine through. Made of lightweight and flexible TPU, this case is easy to pop on and keeps your phone protected with a 0.04-inch lip at the top and bottom of the screen.

This is another great option if you're looking for subtle protection that won't distract from the Galaxy S8's brilliant design.

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Ringke FUSION Crystal Clear case

This dual-layer case features a hard PC backplate held flush against your phone by the flexible TPU bumper to provide a slim case that offers the drop protection you need while giving you the nearly invisible look you want from a clear case.

With extra protection in the corners and a tapered rim around the top and bottom of the screen, this case has been precisely designed to keep your phone safe. Ample cutouts around the speaker, charging port, and headphone jack ensure you have no issues with other accessories while maintaining a very stylish design that's available in three color options for the bumper.

Ringke has included, as always, a free DIY template for slipping a photo in the back, allowing you to change things up with a custom design whenever you want.

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SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Frosted Clear case

If you're looking to balance rugged protection while still letting your phone's design shine through a bit, the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Frosted Clear case is the choice for you.

This case keeps your phone protected with a formidable bumper made of shock-absorbing TPU. Its been designed to feel comfortable in your hand with grippy texture along the sides and firm and responsive buttons. The back plate is transparent, so you can show off your Galaxy S8's true colors while ensuring it stays scratch-free.

Featuring sizable cutouts and a raised bezel around the screen and the camera on the back, this case is designed to keep your phone protected without impeding any of its functions or ports. If you aren't looking to sacrifice rugged protection for a sleek clear case, this is your best option.

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  • The clear cover case doesn't have a kickstand that I could see. That's the S View case I think.
  • I don't like having to click each link to see the case. Is there some technical challenge preventing posting pics with your ad?
  • I think there is a version of the Spigen Ultra Hybrid with a kickstand
  • Spigen sells a version of the kickstand to be added any case
  • Does anyone sell clear adhesive skins for those of us who just want to avoid scratches in our pocket?
  • I know this is wicked late but in case you're still looking, Slick Wraps sells a "naked" series of skins that are clear. I don't know how long they'll last before turning yellow but that's the only option i'm aware of.
  • I'll probably end up getting one of the Spigens, as they've always served me well. On a separate note, do you ever see products or companies that have a name so ridiculous that you won't take them seriously and would never use their product? That's how I feel about the Supcase Unicorn Beetle.
  • I've ordered the clear view stand case in black for s8+
  • For a clear, slim case I'll always go for the Ringke Slim.
  • I bought a $5 clear case off eBay a year ago that still looks great for my S7 edge.
  • For clear case, X-Doria Defense Clear case is also a good choice.
  • OtterBox & Tech21 also make some nice clear cases.
    I was surprised about OtterBox , never knew they made clear cases before.
  • Spigen Ultra Hybrid S - clear case with kickstand
  • I hate a case that covers the buttons on the side, it's fugly and makes the phone feel bulky
    I want a case that you cannot even see there is a case on the phone, slim and thin and almost not there at all
    Those are very hard to come by :(