Best Clear Cases for Galaxy Note 10 in 2022

There are many, many case styles out there, but my personal favorite has always been clear cases. These cases try to strike the balance between security and showmanship, between invisibility and intensity, and they allow us to show off our pretty new phones while still keeping them safe from slips and scratches. Clear cases have gotten tougher and bolder in the last few years, and that's great news if you want to show off that prismatic Aura Glow Note 10 to the world.

Clear cases aren't all delicate flowers

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The market for clear cases is wide open — espeically for a phone with as dazzling a back as the Aura Glow Note 10 — and so it should come as no surprise that there's plenty of tough clear cases available for it from Day One. If you tend to be a bit more gentle with your phone, then my perinneal favorite the Spigen Liquid Crystal should be right up your alley, though I do recommend spending the extra few bucks to get the smudge obscuring Glitter variant.

If you prefer a beefier clear case, though, the Ghostek Covert3 has a lot of potential, especially with the way those red cushions will pop with the Red or Pink Note 10s. Showing off your Note 10 securely is easy to do without breaking the bank, so why wouldn't you get a clear case to display that Samsugn design for all to see?

Ara Wagoner

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