Best Clear Cases for Google Pixel 5 in 2020

Google Pixel 5
Google Pixel 5 (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

The Google Pixel 5 comes in some really pretty colors, which makes it a bit of a shame to cover it up with a case. Thankfully, there are plenty of clear phone cases out there that will allow you to continue to admire your phone's natural beauty. I've scoured the internet looking for the best of the best. Here are the very best Pixel 5 clear cases for you to look through. To further protect, don't forget to pick up one of the best Pixel 5 screen protectors as well.

Best clear Pixel 5 cases

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Clear phone cases allow you to admire the beauty of your Pixel 5's casing or allow you to show off a fun pattern without the clutter of additional colors. However, some clear cases don't provide as much protection as other options out there. At the very least, you'll want something that is scratch resistant and can help protect against drops and bumps.

The clear case that I recommend the most is the Spigen Ultra Hybrid Crystal Clear. The bumper is made of TPU materials that cushion the blow of drops and bumps while the backplate is made of a durable PC. You'll be able to see your phone's natural beauty uncluttered by excess colors or ridges.

To add a little more protection to your phone, you should really consider the Poetic Guardian Series. The rugged edges better protect against accidents while still allowing you to see the phone's casing through the clear backing. It offers an understated stripe of color along the back and then a ring of color to the front of your phone and encases it all for added cushioning.

If you're simply looking for something fun to decorate your phone with, I highly recommend the RANZ Shockproof Series Clear Case. Those stars and planets are just fun to look at and you'll be showing off the pattern whenever you whip your phone out. The TPU bumpers also provide a mild cushioning should you accidentally drop your phone.

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