Best speakers for Chromebooks 2024

Chromebooks are great for tasks such as working in Google Docs or doing a little web surfing, but with many models having fancy swiveling hinges that stand like an easel, they also make for excellent compact movie screens. Streaming video is a great way to use your Chromebook, but there's one caution: the sound often sucks. And it's not just an entry-level Chromebook pet peeve either, as you'll see the same issue on some of the best Chromebooks as well. The tiny speakers inside your thin and light laptop are fine for the coffee shop but when you get home, it's worth it to have some good speakers on your desk.

These are some of the best audio upgrades for your Chromebook

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Find a speaker that fits your desk

Chromebooks bring a ton of flexibility to computing with thin and light laptops that are great for work. The problem comes when it's time to clock out and watch your favorite YouTube channel or a few TV episodes. As we saw in our Acer Chromebook Spin 714 review, some Chromebooks can fold over for excellent viewing but the audio experience is lacking unless you use headphones. These speaker help balance your multimedia experience and make your Chrome OS laptop just as good at play as it is at work.

The Logi Dock verges on complicated but thanks to USB-C, you're one connection away from turning your Chromebook into a desktop. You can connect your monitor and USB devices to the Logi Dock while the included power supply gives your Chromebook up to 100W of power. The speakers won't rattle the windows but should be more than ample for some light music while you work. The dock is great for meetings so you don't need to wear headphones for hours on end and it has six noise-canceling microphones so everyone can hear you clearly.

If you're looking for the simplest of simple hookups: Cyber Acoustics' CA-2014 multimedia speakers are here for you. They're small, compact, and unassuming. They're the epitome of "keep It simple, stupid," and that's why you'll love these speakers. They represent simplicity at its finest.

If you're eyeing to make the Chromebook the centerpiece of your home office, check out Logitech's Z623 2.1 stereo speakers. The Z623 offers THX-certified sound to enhance the audio from whatever you're watching or listening to on your Chromebook, with crisp bass that will certainly shake the room.

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