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Best Chromebook sleeves 2022

There are a lot of great reasons to get one of the best Chromebook sleeves for your precious computer. With so many options available, it's easy to find something that not only fits your style but has the functionality you need while you're out and about or traveling. Some of these sleeves can replace the need for a backpack completely, which is extremely handy if you're using it for school and just grabbed one of the best Chromebooks for students.

These are the best sleeves for your precious Chromebook

Pick the best Chromebook sleeves that work for you

It can be tough trying to find the best Chromebook sleeves to keep your investment protected while you are traveling. There are so many options out there! However, the AmazonBasics Executive Sleeve is a great no-nonsense option as there are no additional pockets, but a soft exterior and a wide range of sizes make this an easy pick. With the added handle, you can forget the backpack and just take your Chromebook with you wherever you go.

Those looking for a bit more versatility may want to look at the Ytonet Water Resistant Laptop Sleeve Cover. On the opposite side of the fence, the Sleeve Cover unfolds to reveal a bunch of pockets, providing space for the best Chromebook chargers along with a 14-inch sleeve for many of the best options like the Lenovo Flex 5i or Pixelbook Go. Once it's been packed, there's an outer zipper to keep everything locked into place while you're on the go.

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