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There are a lot of great reasons to get one of the best Chromebook sleeves for your precious computer. With so many options available, it's easy to find something that not only fits your style, but has the functionality you need while you're out and about or traveling. Some of these sleeves can replace the need for a backpack completely!

Bare bones: AmazonBasics Executive Laptop Sleeve

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The AmazonBasics Executive Laptop Sleeve case is great for those who want a no-nonsense laptop sleeve. There are no additional pockets, and this sleeve's size ranges from 11.6 inches up to 15.6 inches, depending on the size of your Chromebook. With three different colors to choose from, this sleeve is a no-brainer pick as one of the best Chromebook sleeves.

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All the pockets: Timbuk2 Stealth Folio

Timbuk2 makes fantastic backpacks for your technology, and the Stealth Folio does the same if you want something more portable. This Sleeve will not only house up to a 13-inch Chromebook, but it has an array of pockets for your accessories. There are even pen slots and a few specialized hooks to keep your cables organized.

Use the handle: ProCase Notebook Sleeve

The Notebook Sleeve from ProCase looks more professional than other cases without going overboard with something like leather. This sleeve also has a retractable handle so you can carry your Chromebook easier. Along with coming in three different colors, the ProCase Sleeve also has three different sizes ranging from 12 inches up to 15.6 inches.

Keep water out: Egiant Water Resistant Sleeve

When choosing one of the best Chromebook sleeves, one consideration should be whether it is water-resistant. The Egiant Sleeve is a great pick to combat the element since it's water-resistant while also sporting two additional pockets. Sizes for the Egiant sleeve range from 11.6 inches all the way up to 15.4 inches and come in three different colors.

Premium zippers: CAISON Laptop Sleeve Case

A major annoyance with laptop sleeves is that the zippers tend to get caught and break. There is no need to worry about that with the CAISON Laptop Sleeve as its premium zippers have been tested to combat those issues. This sleeve comes in many different sizes starting at 10 inches and ranging up to 15.6 inches while coming in 10 different colors.

$15 at Amazon

Protective versatility: V Voova Protective Sleeve with Handle

The V Voova Sleeve not only comes with a handle but also has two separate pockets for extra storage. This sleeve is slim enough to fit in your existing bag, is made from waterproof nylon, and has a plush lining to keep your Chromebook looking good. With sizes ranging from 11 inches to 15.6 inches, the V Voova Sleeve will fit just about any Chromebook.

$15 at Amazon

Soft touch: HOMIEE Felt Laptop Sleeve

Instead of the traditional slip-style sleeve, the HOMIEE Laptop Sleeve looks more like an executive envelope. This gray felt case will keep your Chromebook protected, and there is even an additional pouch to house various accessories. There are five different color options to choose from, and you can fit as small as a 13-inch Chromebook and as large as a 15.6-inch option.

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Super shockproof: Lymmax Shockproof Sleeve

Lymmax's Shockproof Sleeve was designed with those clumsy folks out there in mind. The outer shell is shockproof, while the velcro fastener will keep your Chromebook from accidentally flying out if it gets dropped. The sizes range from 13 inches to 15.6 inches and there are four color options to choose from.

$25 at Amazon

Like a turtle shell: Nacuwa Hard Laptop Sleeve

The Nacuwa Hard Laptop Sleeve has size options ranging from 9.7 inches all the way up to 15 inches, making it one of the best Chromebook sleeves, regardless of how big or small your Chromebook is. The hard outer shell protects against impacts and drops, while also repelling water. Nacuwa even included a few inner pockets so you can take everything you need with you.

Slim and snug fit: Tomtoc 360

Although the Tomtoc 360 was designed with the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro in mind, it still makes for a great Chromebook sleeve. This case is capable of housing up to a 13-inch laptop while providing an oversized accessory pocket on the front. On the inside of the sleeve, you'll find a thick plush lining to keep your Chromebook looking great.

All the colors: MOSISO Water Repellent Neoprene Bag with Small Case

MOSISO's Neoprene Bag is great to store your Chromebook away. The company includes a small accessory pouch, and with 25 different colors to choose from, you're sure to find one to match your style. Plus, the sizes range from 11.6 inches all the way up to 16 inches, making it so you can find the perfect-sized sleeve.

Special zipper: Inateck Briefcase Cover

At first glance, the Inateck Briefcase Cover doesn't look much different than other Chromebook sleeves. However, this cover is a bit unique since it offers a side-zipper design that makes it extremely difficult to accidentally drop your Chromebook. Sizes range from 12.3 inches, all the way up to 16 inches, perfect for any-sized Chromebook.

Two-in-one: OMOTON Laptop Sleeve with Stand

Ergonomics are all the rage nowadays, from standing desks to laptop stands and more. The OMOTON Laptop Sleeve not only functions as a great Chromebook sleeve but has an additional bonus. You can fold the front flap and prop your Chromebook up, relieving pressure on your wrists and removing the need to take a laptop stand with you.

Ultra-soft liner: Lacdo 360

With the Lacdo 360, you'll have size options ranging from 11 inches up to 16 inches. This goes along with the six different colors to choose from. On the outside, you'll find two pockets for various accessories, and the inside has extra-soft padding to help if your Chromebook hits the ground.

$18 at Amazon

Strong like a diamond: iCozzier Diamond Foam Laptop Sleeve w/ Organizer

Diamonds are the strongest mineral you can get, so why not get a Chromebook sleeve that has a diamond pattern? That's... almost the same thing. The iCozzier Laptop Sleeve not only has a primary pocket for your Chromebook (up to 13.3 inches) and is water resistant, but unfolding the sleeve reveals a built-in organizer so you can take your charger or pack some headphones with you.

$18 at Amazon

Pick the best Chromebook sleeves that work for you

It can be tough trying to find the best Chromebook sleeves to keep your investment protected while you are traveling. There are so many options out there! However, the AmazonBasics Executive Sleeve is a great no-nonsense option as there are no additional pockets, but a soft exterior and a wide range of sizes make this an easy pick. With the added handle, you can forget the backpack and just take your Chromebook with you wherever you go.

Those looking for a bit more versatility may want to look at the Timbuk2 Stealth Folio. On the opposite side of the fence, the Stealth Folio has a slew of pockets to store extra valuables, along with the capacity for a 13-inch Chromebook. Once it has been packed, there is an outer zipper to keep everything locked into place while you're on the go.

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