Best Cases for Alcatel 1X Android Central 2021

The Alcatel 1X is an Android Go phone that launched in the US early 2018. The phone wasn't widely distributed so it may be a bit hard to find good cases for it. That's why we've gone and found the best ones for those who want to protect that $100 investment. Here are the best cases for the Alcatel 1X.

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Fashionable: TOMYOU Clear Slim

These TPU cases cost less than a cup of Starbucks and will protect all the edges of your Alcatel 1X. And this particular collection has 30 different designs to choose from.

$5 at Amazon

Animal Lovers: Stephen Huneck Series

Another range of affordable TPU cases, the Stephen Huneck collection is all about celebrating life's best companions. And Huneck is no pretender — he built an actual Dog Chapel for people and their furry pets to go and enjoy themselves.

$18 at Amazon

Card Courier: Scheam Wallet Case

It doubles as a wallet and has a built-in kickstand design. Scheam's wallet case looks good in the wild, too, and comes in a variety of other colors, including blue, red, and brown.

$9 at Amazon

Flip It: Scheam Folio Case

For those with a more vertical pedigree, Scheam's other folio case for the Alcatel 1X flips upward inside of outward. Unfortunately, this one can only hold a single credit card.

$9 at Amazon

Lines and Shapes: Elisabeth Fredriksson Purple Stone Collection

This Swedish artist's favorite class in school was clearly geometry. She's brought her flair for lines, triangles, trapezoids in TPU format for your Alcatel 1X. There are 7 variations of the same design available for your choosing.

$18 at Amazon

No Nonsense: kwmobile TPU Case

Sometimes you just want a no-frills case to protect your phone. This is it, and it's available in matte black or clear.

$8 at Amazon

Like I said, there isn't much out there for the Alcatel 1X. These options should provide at least minimal protection, though I wouldn't exactly go throwing the phone down a mountain. If I had to get one, I'd recommend the kwmobile TPU Case for its minimal aesthetic and maximum protection.

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