With the Oculus Go finally out, there are many things to keep in mind when you're playing it on the go. One of the main concerns is how to keep the battery full when playing it since there's not a whole lot you can do when you're on the move.

These are the best options for battery backups you can get for your Oculus Go.

Best Overall: RAVPower Portable Power Bank

RAVPower is a great option for chargers if you don't mind spending extra money on it. This charger offers 22000 mAh with a micro USB charger and two USB charging cables. It also comes with three USB ports for you to charge any of your devices from.

It's a great charger for when you're going on a long trip if you don't mind spending $41.99 on it.

Why the RAVPower is the best

The average portable charger goes for anywhere from 30-50 dollars. Not only is the RAVPower directly in the middle of that average, but it comes with those two added bonuses. Yeah, we're talking about the charging cables. On Amazon, you can get a two pack of micro USB chargers for about $8. When you add that value to the price you're paying for your basically getting three products for the price of one.

Then let's talk about the mAh on it. 22000 mAh is a really good amount of power for once device. This could charge a phone almost 4 times, meaning you can probably charge your Oculus Go 2-3 times before this device needs to be recharged. This could give you a total of almost 9 hours of gameplay without having to take the headset off.

Best value: Keluoer Ultra Slim

This charger has 20000 mAh with a micro USB input for you to charge it up. It includes two USB ports for you to charge two devices at once and it's slim enough to fit into your pocket. This makes it perfect for plugging in your Oculus Go and then slipping it into your shirt pocket.

For $16.99, it's a great charger for an even better price.

Bottom line: For less than half the price you could get just a slightly smaller charge, and one less USB port, then the RAV offers. It doesn't come with the spare chargers so if none of those things are important to you then this is the choice to go for.

Best money saver: TONV Power Bank

With 10000 mAh, two inputs and two outputs, this charger is great for your Oculus Go. With two inputs for charging you can get it to full power even faster for your on-the-go moments.

It's a great charger and not a bad deal for $10.99.

Bottom line: If you're looking for a quick charge this will certainly double your battery life. You probably won't get more than a charge and a half with this on the Oculus Go, though. It does charge in half the time, but you have to consider how much time you'll have around a wall outlet.

Update July 2018: We've updated this article with even better portable chargers for you to take a look at. Not just that, but some of the prices have even gone down. So make sure you check out those sweet prices!

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