Best Bands for Fossil Gen 5E Android Central 2021

It's easy to see that the new Fossil Gen 5E is designed for the stylish crowd. Whether you want to take your passion for fashion to the next level or you want to make your watch more comfortable during workouts, we've got options for you. Remember that the women's models are compatible with 18mm bands and the men's models are compatible with 22mm bands. We've rounded up the best Fossil Gen 5E bands for your viewing pleasure.

Archer Watch Straps Fossil Gen 5e Band

Unmatched comfort: Archer Premium Nylon Watch Band

Staff Pick

When you're seeking a rugged band that can handle your active lifestyle while still providing unmatched comfort, this is the best option out there. These Archer Watch Strap bands are made with two layers of durable nylon that's waterproof and washable. The stainless steel buckle keeps it secure all day long.

Barton Fossil Gen 5e Band

Smooth as silicone: Barton Elite Silicone Watch Band

Another option that's all about comfort is this silicone band from Barton. They're available in an array of two-tone color combos so it's easy to find one that matches your style. This is an ideal choice for those who spend a lot of time outdoors or in the gym tracking their activities. Your wrist will thank you!

Ldfas Genuine Leather Strap Galaxy Watch

Class it up: LDFAS Leather Watch Band (2-pack)

If you bought the men's version of the Fossil Gen 5E, you'll appreciate these classy leather bands to go with it. This 2-pack comes with a black and brown band that will keep you looking stylish at all times. Whether you're headed to the office or going out to fancy dinner, these bands have you covered.

$16 at Amazon (22mm)
Trumirr Fossil Gen 5e Band

A feminine touch: TRUMiRR Genuine Leather Watch Band

Those who purchased the women's version of the Fossil Gen 5E may want something a bit lighter and more feminine on their wrist. This genuine leather watch band from TRUMiRR is a perfect pick. The material is anti-slip and anti-sweat, so your skin always remains dry. It comes in pink or a few other floral options.

$14 at Amazon (18mm)
Ritche Fossil Gen 5E band

Breathe freely: Ritche Canvas Watch Band

Another option that you may find suitable is this cotton canvas band from Ritche. The material is designed to be soft and breathable. At the same time, the detailed embroidery adds strength and style to your Fossil Gen 5E watch band. You can depend on the brushed 316L stainless steel buckle to keep it secure.

Fullmosa Stainless Steel Garmin Venu Sq Band Render

Elevated style: Fullmosa Stainless Steel Watch Band

If you want to find a Fossil Gen 5E band that's really going to take your style to the next level, the Fullmosa stainless steel watch band has your name written all over it. It's carefully is cut and crafted from premium 304 stainless steel. The attention to detail is unbeatable. This band comes in black, rose gold, and silver.

Trumirr Stianless Steel Fossil Gen 5e Band

Sleek and lightweight: TRUMiRR Stainless Steel Watch Band

Perhaps you want to find the sleekest and most lightweight option there is. If that's the case, you'll appreciate this stunning TRUMiRR band. It's made of premium stainless steel with a fine satin finish. The embedded artificial rhinestone diamonds will definitely take your glam up a notch. It'll look more like a bracelet than anything else!

$17 at Amazon (18mm)
Eache Stainless Steel Fossil Gen 5e Band

Mesh it up: EACHE Stainless Steel Mesh Watch Band

If you own the men's Fossil Gen 5E and you like stainless steel but you don't want to be weighed down, this one's for you. These innovative mesh watch bands from EACHE are also equipped with a double locking fold-over clasp for twice the peace of mind. It's easy to adjust your band length without any tools.

$17 at Amazon (22mm)

Best Fossil Gen 5E bands How to decide

When it comes to deciding what the best Fossil Gen 5E band is for your smartwatch, you'll have to think about your needs. If comfort is the name of your game, you can't go wrong with the Archer Premium Nylon Watch Band. You'll have the perfect combination of durability and comfort, so you can count on this band to keep your wrist feeling great.

For a feminine touch that will make your women's Fossil Gen 5E stand out even more, look no further than the TRUMiRR Genuine Leather Watch Band. You choose whether you want a solid pink design or a colorful floral pattern. Either way, you'll appreciate having a soft yet attractive design that's different from other bands out there.

If you want something that's a bit less subtle and will make more of a statement, you'll want to check out the Fullmosa Stainless Steel Watch Band. These bold bands are made of high-quality stainless steel that's available in three different colors.

No matter which option you deem to be the best Fossil Gen 5E band, we're confident that you'll be happy with your choice. Whether you're getting comfy or adding more style to your look, all of these bands are excellent options.

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