The Chromecast is a fantastic little device that has quickly made our TVs leagues smarter than they were before. Every day new Chromecast-friendly Android apps are beaming all sorts of new content to the big screen, and it's getting to the point where finding the really great ones can be a challenge. Luckily, we're here to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Obviously all of the major subscription music and video services have some amount of Chromecast support, but between the requirement for monthly fees and regular geographical limitations, we're skipping the vast majority of these in favor of more broadly available apps. Dive in and take a look at our top ten favorite Chromecast apps for Android.

1. Plex

Plex is without a doubt the best media management app for mobile. The user interface is smooth and well-tailored for the big screen, remembers where you left off, and pulls in all sorts of rich metadata for your shows. With a premium subscription, you can do stuff like store your media in the cloud, so you can take your Chromecast to a buddy's house and keep watching the same shows.

If you have a big personal media library at home, Plex is a must-have.

2. AllCast

AllCast is a super-smart app that can route your media to and from just about any screen. Need something from your computer to your Chromecast? Done. One Android device to another? Also done. AllCast can handle the whole gamut of media types and media servers.

If you're in a home with a lot more than just a Chromecast, AllCast will help you out a whole bunch.

3. Dayframe

Chromecast isn't all about video. Dayframe turns your TV into a big, beautiful digital picture frame by pulling in photos from all of the big-name online networks. That includes Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, Dropbox, Flickr, Twitter, 500px, and others. You can flip on a slideshow with nice slow pans, or manually navigate through your albums and leave likes with your device.

Photographers will be happy that they picked up Dayframe.

4. Netflix

Netflix is a no-brainer for Chromecast usage. Once you're subscribed, you've got a massive cloud-stored library of movies and TV shows at your disposable, ready to be shown on the big screen through Chromecast. When casting, the mobile app offers the full range of playback controls you would expect, like pause and play, timeline control, sharing, and access to the rest of the catalog for queuing up your next shows. This is the only subscription service we've got on the list because it's just so danged ubiquitous.

If you're looking for a full-blown cable TV replacement, Netflix is a good place to start.

5. YouTube

YouTube is the quintessential video service, and with Chromecast support, you'll never be hurting for entertainment on the big screen. From the mobile app, you have full playback control, can fill up a queue for TV watching, and dig into YouTube's social functions like commenting, sharing and liking. You'll even get playback control from the notification menu and lock screen if you like.

If you haven't taken the chance to check out YouTube on Chromecast, you're missing out.

6. Google+


Anyone networking on Google+ is probably seeing and getting tagged in pictures often enough. With Chromecast support, Google+ for Android lets you flip your Google+ Photos and videos, public or otherwise on the big screen with minimal fuss.

7. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is your personal cloud storage locker for music, and, if you're willing to pay, an on-demand streaming service. When Chromecasting, Google Play Music will provide album art and a song timeline while pumping out tunes to your home stereo system connected to the TV. From your Android device, you can skip, play, pause, vote up, vote down, and otherwise handle your music experience.

8. Songza

Songza for Android

Songza is a wonder, wonderful streaming music service. So wonderful, in fact, that Google bought them. It does a particularly good job at asking what kind of activity you're undergoing or what kind of mood you're in and offering some incredibly well-curated playlists. Songs are on shuffle, so you can't pull up anything on demand, but with Chromecast, you can pump out the music through your home entertainment system seamlessly, and enjoy full album art and artist information at the same time.

9. AutoCast

AutoCast is a plug-in for Tasker, the app which lets you automate just about anything on your device. With AutoCast, you can set certain information to pop up on the screen after certain triggers are fired (like waking up the TV with your phone's alarm, for example). AutoCast can also make a custom home screen, haul in media from multiple cloud sources, and lots more. Tinkerers will want to play around with AutoCast to see what they can do.

10. WatchESPN


If you're a sports fan, there's absolutely no reason to not have the WatchESPN app installed on your phone. And when it's paired up with Chromecast it turns into an even better experience. You'll need to have a cable subscription to watch just about anything in the app, but if you're a big sports person you likely already do. Use the WatchESPN app and Chromecast together for a second TV set when there's more than one game to watch, or just to have some background visuals of some obscure sport you wouldn't normally keep up with.

Bonus: Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts has long been one of our favorite podcatchers, and it only gets better when you add Chromecast. And we're not just saying that because you'll recognize a certain podcast in this promo video. The app is that good. Just download it. You won't be sorry.