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The smallest Fire tablet has proven to be a handy little device. Whether you're using it to watch Amazon Prime shows, look up recipes, listen to music, or simply to surf the web, you'll want to keep it protected. It isn't cheap after all, and it only takes one bad trip to ruin it. We've gathered together the best cases for the Fire 7 tablet for a variety of uses. See which one works best for you.

Fintie Folio Fire 7 Case Reco

Simple Cover: Fintie Slim Cover

Staff pick

If you're looking for something simple yet stylish, this is a great case to get. The cover protects the screen from scratches and bumps but also folds back into a stand for added convenience. This is a very slim case so that it won't take up any extra space during transport. There are nine different designs, so you can choose the look that matches your style.

Poetic Revolution Fire 7 Case Reco

Start a revolution: Poetic Revolution Fire 7 Case

The Revolution from Poetic offers not only a strong protective case for your tablet but also a good-looking one. Offering a built-in screen protector to go along with protection for all sides of the device helps to ensure it can survive some falls from the table. There's also a kickstand for when you're ready to watch a show.

Fintie Silicone Fire 7 Case Reco

Budget buy: Fintie Silicone Case

If you want to protect your tablet, but don't want to spend too much doing so, you'll be interested in this silicone covering. It's the least expensive case on our list, and it comes in seven different colors. The bright colors make this case a great choice for kids and teenagers. We appreciate the non-slip silicone, which will protect your tablet from bumps and scratches and make it harder to drop.

Amazon Fire 7 Case Reco

The official case: Amazon Fire 7 Tablet Case

This is one of the only tablet cases that is designed to prop your Fire up vertically as well as horizontally. It's a simple, sleek design that won't take up a lot of room in your backpack, purse, or laptop bag. The cover snaps shut by way of magnet to better protect your screen in transit. Choose from five different fabric colors to get the look you like best.

$25 at Amazon
Dadanism Fire 7 Case Reco

Soft and strong: Dadanism Folio Case

Get the look you like most in a protective folio-style casing. The slim TPU material is lightweight, but still durable. It also adds a bit of translucence that lets you still see your tablet color you picked you with some flair. What's more, the case is designed to work with the tablet's auto wake/sleep feature when you open and close the cover.

Zonefoker Leather Folio Fire 7 Case Reco

Leather Case: ZoneFoker Folio Case

This beautiful leather case's cover protects your tablet screen from damage when closed and folds into a stand when open. It even features a slim pocket on the front where you can store receipts, dollar bills, and other small items. You can get it in four elegant colors, including blue, red-brown, or black and brown.

$20 at Amazon
Dadanism Kids Fire 7 Case Reco

Kiddie handle: Dadanism Shockproof Kids Case

This handy case is made of EVA foam to protect it from drops and bumps. The included handle converts into a kickstand so your child will be able to transport the device more securely and will be able to prop it up hands-free when watching a show or playing a game. It comes in six colors.

Elegant Choise Fire 7 Case Reco

Heavy duty: Elegant Choise Armored Case

This is the perfect case to use for anyone who wants extra protection. The case is made of three different layers to better prevent damages from drops and bumps. The kickstand works to prop the tablet up either vertically or horizontally. It comes in three different designs: red/black, blue/yellow, and black/blue.

Tikeda Wallet Fire 7 Case Reco

Case and wallet: TikeDa Leather Smart Case

For those who end up taking their tablet with them just about everywhere, you might as well purchase one of these wallet/tablet case combos. The interior design changes depending on which look you choose, but most include a pocket for bills and at least three credit card slots. With 39 different designs to choose from, you're sure to find something that you like.

$16 at Amazon

All fired up

If you're looking for an Amazon Fire 7 case, you'll want something that's priced decently and provides protection for your tablet, but you'll also want to consider color options and any additional conveniences a case might offer. For instance, some cases include kickstands so you can prop your screen up without using your hands. You should also double-check that the case you want to purchase is compatible with your version of Fire tablet.

Our personal recommendation is the Fintie Slim Cover, which is designed for the 9th generation Fire 7 tablet. It's one of the least expensive cases on our list, comes in 12 designs, and is that is sure to protect your tablet from scratches and bumps. The cover even folds up into a kickstand so you can enjoy hands-free tablet usage. It provides just about everything you could need at a reasonable price.

If need something that offers high protection and looks great too, then the Poetic Revolution Fire 7 Case is an excellent choice. It offers 360 degrees of protection, including a screen protector and a kickstand. Regardless of which case you choose to go with, your Fire 7 tablet will gain a bit of unique style and have a better chance of surviving a few bumps.

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