If you want everything that Amazon Alexa has to offer, but don't actually want an Amazon Echo, you can get other speakers with Alexa built in!

Amazon Alexa can be baked into just about anything these days, so here's a quick look at some of the best Amazon Echo alternatives you can find.

Sonos One

Sonos One

This will be one of the more expensive entries on this list at $199, but for good reason. Sonos is the No. 1 name in wireless home audio, with great sound and ridiculously easy setup. And Sonos One is the first of its speakers to have Alexa built in. (And be sure to check out our full Sonos One review.)

The multiple microphones means Sonos One will hear you wherever you are. And it's able to control anything that Alexa can control — and that means additional Sonos speakers as well. Looks great, sounds great. It's still in its infancy, so Sonos is still working out a few software kinks, but this one should be high up on anyone's wish list.

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Vaux cordless home speaker

Vaux Cordless Home Speaker

OK, I'm going to cheat a little here, but for good reason. The VAUX cordless home speaker is, in fact, a cordless home speaker with Alexa inside. Literally. It's a speaker that you put an Amazon Echo Dot inside, connected via the 3.5mm audio port. It's an ingenious little thing.

Why get this over something that takes advantage of Alexa via software? For one, it's only $49. And because it uses an actual Echo Dot, you've always got the option to remove the Dot to use it in the more traditional way.

It's a clever little option, actually, and one that you should definitely check out. Check out our full review.

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Sugr Cube Minimalist

Sugr CubeYou can't troll around on Amazon without running into this speaker. The Sugr Cub Minimalist has mixed reviews, but there's no denying that it's one of the more intriguing-looking speakers of the bunch. And for a lot of folks that's going to be a big selling point.

It's also on the more expensive side, at $169 for the darker cherry, or $159 for the lighter maple model. But with it you can full Wifi and Alexa support, touch motion controls, and the knowledge that visitors are going ask about that cool-looking speaker on the shelf.

And all you have to do is have them ask Alexa. She'll be happy to explain.

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Eufy Genie

Eufy Genie

If you want something that's more like an Amazon Echo Dot but comes in even less expensive, then you need to check out the Eufy Genie. (I have, and you can read that whole experience here.)

It's currently listed at a mere $25 — or about half the cost of an actual Echo Dot. And you get a pretty good experience from it. I still think I looks better than the Dot, and it performs reasonably well despite having fewer microphones with which to listen for you.

It's a really inexpensive way to get into the whole Alexa thing, and it's worth checking out.

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Invoxia smart portable speaker

InvoxiaIf you want something a little different, Invoxia's got an intriguing offering. This speaker has Alexa built in, of course, and it's also got some other tricks up its sleeve. It's got a small display on the front, a few physical buttons for things like internet radio stations and Spotify playlists, and you can make VOIP calls with a paired smartphone.

But maybe the coolest part? This rechargeable speaker has a magnet on the back so you can stick it to the fridge. Very cool. The basic gray model starts at $119.

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Amazon Echo


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