Best Accessories for Blink Security Systems Android Central 2020

Blink home security cameras are affordable indoor/outdoor units that are weather-resistant, offer HD video, provide motion alerts, and have detailed night vision. The cameras are great on their own, but these accessories will help you get the most out of your security system.

Staff pick: Blink Classic Sync Module

Blink's Classic Sync Module lets you connect up to 10 cameras and create zones among them for schedules and more granular control. This enables you to schedule indoor cameras for when you're at work and outdoor cameras for nightfall or whatever suits your lifestyle and your needs.

$50 at Amazon

Incognito: Blink XT Covers (Set of 3)

These white covers change your black XT2 to white without changing how your camera works so that it blends into your decor better. All of the cutouts are precise, since these come straight from Blink, so the lens and microphone won't be blocked in any way.

$20 at Amazon

A firm grip: Sully Hard Case Mount for Blink Cameras (Set of 3)

This indoor/outdoor mount lets you swivel your camera around while protecting it from the elements and reducing glare. You have a much wider field of view than if you were to just mount the camera, and your Blink XT or XT2 should last a lot longer sheltered from the weather. This mount also comes in white.

$10 at Amazon

Tell the world!: Blink Security Stickers

Place these stickers in your windows or anywhere on your ground floor that makes sense as a theft deterrent and to let passersby know that you have security cameras.

$9 at Amazon

Never change batteries again: BBTO Power Adapter Weatherproof Cable

This weather-resistant adapter, with a 20-foot cable, keeps your Blink security camera plugged in and charged 24/7. It has a good quality fire shell to prevent short-circuiting, and it's thin enough (3.5mm) to run out windows or doors while still allowing them to close fairly well.

$13 at Amazon

Value pack: Aotnex wall mount bracket and sync module outlet

This pack comes with three weather-resistant mounts for your cameras and a power adapter outlet for the Classic Sync Module. These mounts will keep your cameras up and out of danger while increasing your field of view options. The wall outlet will keep the Classic Sync Module powered 24/7.

$19 at Amazon

Bottom line

Blink home security cameras are excellent on their own, but accessories can help complete the experience. For deeper control of your system, including the ability to create zones for up to 10 Blink cameras, the Classic Sync Module is the best addition to your security system. You can have multiple sync modules on the go and create day/night options, schedule indoor and outdoor cameras separately, and much more.

You'll also want to mount your cameras if you're using them outside while protecting them from dust, rain, and UV rays. The Aotnex wall mounts are your best option for that job, plus they come with a wall outlet for the Sync Module, so you can have continuous power where you need it.

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