Dash cameras are a great tool to have in every car. They sit there, out of the way, silently taking video while you drive in case something happens that you want to capture. Maybe you get into a fender bender, or maybe you see a really cool car on the road. If you have a dash camera, you can save those videos to view anytime.

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Aukey Dash Cam

Aukey Mini Dash Cam | 20% off at Amazon

If you just want a good basic dash camera without all the expensive bells and whistles, this Aukey dash cam is for you. Installation is easy, it takes clear 1080p video, and just works while your car is running.

You'll find a lot of dash cameras out there that can do a lot of different things. This is not one of those dash cameras.

The Aukey Mini Dash Cam doesn't have GPS and runs from a USB cable connected to a cigarette lighter plug adapter. When you turn on the key, the camera starts rolling, taking 10-minute video clips until the SD card is full. then it erases the old clips and starts doing it all over again.

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But if something happens while you're driving, say you get into an accident or see the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, a single press of a button locks that clip so it never gets erased. You can just pull the SD card out and check out your video on any device that can read .MOV files.

This is a good place to start if you think you want a dash camera because the price is right and the suction cup mount makes it easy to move between cars. If you decide you want some extras, like motion-sensing while parked or GPS, those extras are available and plug right into your camera.

The 4.5-star rating on Amazon and the low Cyber Monday price makes this the perfect camera for anyone who's curious about them. Its small size and portability make it perfect for rentals so it's also great for the travelers out there. Drive safe and keep your eyes on the road folks!

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