Barnes & Noble drops prices of Nook Color and Nook Tablet ahead of holiday season

Following the recent launch of the new Nook HD and HD+ in the US and the UK, Barnes & Noble has dropped the prices on their existing tablet range ahead of the holiday season. The cheapest Nook, the somewhat aging Nook Color is now down to just $139, with the Nook Tablet being reduced to $159 and $179 for the 8GB and 16GB versions respectively. 

With the cheapest Amazon Kindle Fire coming in at $159, the Barnes & Noble devices are priced competitively. It isn't the first price cut we've seen in recent months on the existing Nook range, but as we head into the busy holiday season, more choice for less dollars is a choice we'll take. 

Source: Barnes and Noble (opens in new tab)

  • Still sucks
  • And if it seems to be making inroads into Kindle's market share, Amazon will quickly follow suit. Now if the already reasonable Nexus 7 were to go along with that trend I'd be right on it. :-) (Yeah, I know the 16 gig version is now $199)
  • Only $20 difference from 8GB to 16GB? Other manufacturers take note!