AT&T Galaxy S II now available online for $199 on contract, $549 outright

The wait is over if you're an AT&T subscriber who's been itching for the Samsung Galaxy S II.  Considering it's one of the best phones available for the death star nation's number two network, I'll wager that's more than a few of you.  If you need a refresher, your $199 (on a new contract, $549 outright) gets you a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED plus display, 1.2GHz Samsung Exynos processor (zoom zoom!), 1GB of RAM, an 8MP rear HD camera and a 2MP front camera, running on AT&T's HSPA+ 4G network.  It's no wonder these things are selling like hotcakes around the rest of the globe.

Once you get your ATTSGSII (no comma), or while your waiting after you've ordered online, we're ready for ya in the forums, where the wait has been driving the rest of us Android fans half insane and giddy.  And if you're still on the fence, you gotta check out 25 reasons to consider the AT&T Galaxy S II to help make up your mind.  Hit the source link to order yours.

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  • Prolly shouldn't say this but the SG 2 HD is almost out in Korea and it works on ATT
  • You are killing me. If I wait for that, the S3 will probably be 'right around the corner'....
  • Starting on Sunday they should be avaible at radioshack.
  • Welcome to the party AT&T! Been loving my EpTouch since launch day!
  • Just got mine order!!!YES!! :P
  • Available for pre-order on Amazon Wireless
  • why don't you guys order from Amazon? it's $150 with contract. That's $50 cheaper and no tax! nm, moopile just beat me to it! lol
  • you should be careful with that , cause you may have to pay cancellation fee with att and amazon. i almost fell into that trap when i got the droid charge
  • Only if you cancel the line before like 6 months otherwise you just have to pay the etf to at&t
  • Sams' Club also has it for less.
    $169 for a qualified upgrade
    $199 for a new line Weird that a new line would be more expensive... I got my Wife's Infuse there for $99 a few weeks back, and they even let us keep her Unlimited Data plan. Works for me.
  • Sprint version is the best version. Bigger screen and LED light.
  • It feels plasticy and cheap...and is too damn big.
  • what size should it be? or you just click on this to talk about your iphone?
  • wait, i just noticed you posted twice negatively about this phone , whats your angle? i don't even have att . but i'm not gonna click on the posting to write some bullshit
  • Just like your girlfriend :-P
  • When a phone makes my thunderbolt look small, you know it's too big.
  • this phone is the same size as the thunderbolt , just thinner
  • The AT&T Galalxy S II is much smaller than the Thunderbolt.
    Galalxy S II: 5.10" x 2.70" x 0.38 = 5.2 in³
    Thunderbold: 4.84" x 2.68" x 0.46" = 6.0 in³ Do the math or just hold them to see how big the Thunderbolt is. The Photon (6.5 in³), Charge (6.3 in³), and Bionic (6.3 in³), are even bigger.
  • Are you serious? The ThunderDOLT is Verizon's version of the Epic 4G! They can't even get a update out without having to pull it midstream! The Galaxy SII blows the Dolt out of the water... Nough said!
  • He is attempting to make himself feel that is phone is more adequate by putting down a statistically superior phone. Its a common consumer justification process.
  • Trying to justify his 2 years with his weak thunderbolt?
  • Blah blah mopho all the way
  • i played around with the Sprint version. nice phone but the display resolution was a big turn off. i like a tighter resolution. 800x480 is just not acceptable today. go to 2:30 in the video - Schmackdown! Samsung Epic 4G Touch vs. HTC EVO 3D
  • Hey guys, I am on the island of Barbados, I have the SGS 2 (the one with the home button) and this phone blows anything out there clean out of the water!!!! PERIOD !!!! No matter what variant you get of this phone, there are no regrets whatsoever. I just wish I had the 4.5 inch screen tho...but my 4.3 works for me just fine. The other camp will be releasing their appcrapple (cough cough) in a few days....and they would have to come real damn good to beat this phone. Right now in my opinion, the SGS2 is the best phone on the planet.
  • Can this phone act as a wifi hotspot?
  • Of course it will. What Android phone in the last 1-1.5 years hasn't?
  • sorry, I'm a Blackberry guy thinking of switching, I have a few years of features to catch up on :-) Thanks!
  • Sorry I also forgot to mention I am/was a Blackberry guy too...I still have my Bold 9780 ....I was thinking of waiting for the QNX Colt next year but Blackberry has quite a lot of catching up to I'm Outta there. And I ain't about following appcrapple (cough) just because of it's blind followers....I want function and production.
  • I want that wallpaper.
  • You can buy it for only about 500 bucks. Its a little steep of a price, but it comes with a free phone!
  • Lmao! Whatever man... hahaha
  • I feel for my neighboring USA Android users.
    You get a phone we've had for 2+months.
    We sell it for 179 on contract.
    Its been on sale for 75 and 25, with waived activation for new and upgrading users.
    As for ATT selling it for 199...well I'm thinking Apple/ATT deal is the whole reason behind that. Sell it for the $25 bucks that its selling for up here and who in their right mind would buy an iPhone 4S or 5 that is technically inferior???!?!? My biggest complaint about the S2...I would have preferred the 4 button version with a NOTIFICATION light. sigh....shrug. Not much i can do about that though, eh. As for the 4.5" screen variant. the one we got (S2X) with a 4.5" screen & the 1.5Ghz processor...don't hold your clocks in at 2/3rds the speed on the GPU side, despite faster clocks. The S2 is just THAT good. :) Cheers mates!
  • The US Sprint version has the notification light and has a 4.52 in screen. Add the fact that it has 4 touch buttons and it beats the international one. So, Sprint has the best version of the Galaxy S II.
  • sadly the network is just not good, very spotty 4G connectivity and next year LTE which the SGS2 from Sprint will not work on it.
  • Blah! Then we upgrade to the GSIII!
  • If the problem was only 4g, I'd be happy as could be with Sprint. I'm aware network issues are localized, but consistently getting 100kbps down on 3g is terrible.
  • I have had the unlocked European version of this phone since it came out.. I am using it on at&t's network in the states and I have to say that the phone is a thing of beauty.. Fast sleek very responsive and this phone was the phone that finally got me over the hump of getting rid of that apple product.. I had the iphone since 2007 and was hard to kick it but I knew I wanted an android phone.. Bought the captivate last year and it wasn't good enough for me to leave the iphone totally.. but this phone did it and I'm very pleased.. There is some things i'm not liking and I don't think it's the phone but will find out after a few weeks of people using the galaxy s II on at&t. The phone's download connection doesn't work all the time.. If i take it off wifi or goes from edge-3g it has problems or vice versa.. I didn't know if it was a hardware thing.. I rarely had that problem with the iphone but was thinking since this phone is unlocked and not just built for at&t that maybe it's something there.. I'm not sure but it sure is annoying to have to go into airplane mode in and out a bunch of times during the day to get the download to work again.. the upload never kicks out.. always a good connction..
    Well that is my 2 cents.. I don't think anyone will be disappointed with this phone since I am very hard to please and can't keep a phone for long.. thinking about getting the nexus prime! lol
  • So, I just left the at&t store in SA, TX, apparently it isn't even being sold in South Texas, you guys having any luck in Austin?
  • They are in stock in DFW. ATT store had several this morning. Best Buy also but many were pre ordered at Best Buy.
  • Several Houston-area stores had the same story that the Galaxy S 2 is not going to be sold from Houston-area AT&T stores. One of them hinted that this is because an LTE version of the Galaxy S 2 should be available soon. Since SA is also an LTE market, this seems to make sense.
  • Just picked up one, to check it out an confirmed the lock screen flaw salesman didnt even mention it. Nice phone otherwise but gonna wait for nexus prime, Im sure it will eventually come out.