If you've ever traveled abroad and are an AT&T customer, you've probably ordered a Passport package before. AT&T Passport is the carrier's program for offering international coverage while out of the country, and today it's receiving a sizeable upgrade with plans that offer even more data and better value.

AT&T's Passport Silver and Gold plans are gone and have been replaced by Passport 1GB and 3GB.

Both plans come with unlimited texting, unlimited Wi-Fi access at participating hotspots through the AT&T Global Wi-Fi app, and $0.35 per minute of talk time to any country. As the names suggest, the main difference lies with how much data each comes with. Passport 1GB comes with 1GB of data, whereas Passport 3GB comes with – wait for it – 3GB of data. Should you go over that allotment, you'll pay an overage fee of $50 per extra GB that's used.

You can choose to get Passport 1GB and 3GB as either a one-time package or as a recurring charge, and both are available to purchase from AT&T right now.

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