ASUS Transformer Primes in Sweden getting Jelly Bean update

ASUS Sweden has taken to Facebook and let everyone know that users of the Transformer Prime in Sweden should be seeing an OTA update to Jelly Bean available. While there is no word on other areas, this is a good sign that ASUS is prepared to roll the update out en masse shortly. My own source "close to the matter" says we should see it in the U.S. in early October should everything go well in Sweden.

Along with the obvious perks of Jelly Bean, ASUS wants to remind everyone that they will be losing Adobe Flash official support, and that the Jelly Bean update will remove Wifi-Direct from the Prime. On that note, they also say no users will be forced to accept this update.

If you're rooted and ROM'ed, ignore all this and be ready for better custom work from your favorite developer. If you're not, you can check for the update from the device settings -- let us know if you see it!

Source: ASUS. Thanks everyone who sent this in!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Hey Jerry, any news on JB for the TF700 Infinity? Or was "we should see it in the U.S. in early October should everything go well" an all inclusive statement for that one too (and any other models that hasn't gotten it yet)?
  • Asus continues to embarrass all other OEMs with their update schedule.
  • Ok can't wait to get it on mine. Why is wi-fi direct being rem? No biggie as I don't use it but would still like to understand why.
  • I think I had naively been under the impression that they rolled out the JB update for their similar devices at the same time? My TF300 was updated to JB several weeks ago - although I'm admittedly not in Sweden but right next door in Denmark.
  • I'm confused. Why is it only out in Sweden, correct me if I'm wrong but the TF201 had wifi only meaning that all versions should be the same product. Now unless Asus had to create custom versions for different countries, it shouldn't be an issue
  • I expect they chose a market which is a small percentage of their global user base for the device. Hence if there are issues with it that they haven't anticipated through their testing, it affects only a small percentage until they can fix it... If all goes well over a week or two, then they would roll it out everywhere I imagine.
  • You could have used a photo showing the weather in Örnsköldsvik or something...
  • How do I get this on my Prime now... like can I flash it?
  • Perhaps the fast broadband network makes this a good test area.
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