ASUS Transformer Prime up for preorder on Amazon

The ASUS Transformer Prime is coming. When, we don't exactly know -- sometime in early December -- but ASUS has listed it for preorder on Amazon, and is saving you $7.79 in the process. The Transformer Prime, as you'll recall, is the follow-up to the popular Eee Pad Transformer, which in addition to being an above average Android Tablet sports an excellent keyboard dock that basically turns everything into an Android laptop. The Transformer Prime sexes things up even more with a metallic finish, better camera and battery life, and slimming things down even more.

You can preorder the 32GB version of the Transformer Prime for $492.20, or the 64GB version for $584.22.

Source: Amazon (opens in new tab)

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  • This story relates to the USA version of Amazon at - no sign of it yet at but it is also now showing at (Germany) complete with keyboard dock at 599 Euros including VAT Tax. Confusingly, the German site is also listing it without the keyboard for the same price!
  • Without keyboard, but with 64GB of memory. It will always cost €599 over here but you can chose between the dock and more memory.
  • Great tablet that has one bad spec: price. We spent a year proving that no matter what your other specs, you have to also beat Apple's price. Asus was the one who really proved that but didn't learn their own lesson.
  • Why do people say that a 16GB iPad is equivalent to a 32GB Android tablet at the same price? They're NOT the same price. Same marketing bullcrap that people pulled with the Xoom. Their entry pricing is $100 less than the same size iPad 2.
  • is there a 16gb model for 399? if not then his point is simply 499 is the lowest priced model ipad and you cant throw more specs at it to draw the consumers away. you need a 399 or lower tablet w/ similar or same specs as ipad.
  • Asus does have one tablet that you want.
    It's the original transformer.
  • Quad-core vs ipad dual core
    32 gb for the entry level asus transformer prime verses 16gb for entry level ipad 2 How are they not beating them on price.
    earlier today I preordered
    64 GB asus transformer prime
    More CPU cores, more ram and $100 less than the 64gb wifi only ipad2 I'm happy, can't wait to get it.
  • Which tablet has fold under keyboard
  • Just pre-ordered from and it says "This item will be released on December 16 2011."
  • Says "get it January 5th" wtf...
  • where does it say get it january 5th?
  • Let's make this clear. For near iPad prices, I'd just rather have an iPad. I'm not concerned about it's closed market or closed system. It has all the apps I'd ever want/need with excellent support. Flash, IMO, was the one big selling point for Android, and now that will be gone. You know, I'm not convinced the Android system is actually good for anyone. Hardware makers end up either pricing themselves out of the market or in a race to the bottom. Samsung is making a profit, but those profits have fallen. I'm sure Asus is too. However, the way Apple has done it, they make money from every angle. Why does this matter? Because it ensures longevity. The iPad will be around for a long time to come. I've already read articles where many tablet makers have already conceded the market to Apple and are going to give up. Maybe it's too saturated already? Will it survive for just a few savvy players? Time will tell. All I know is that, right now, Apple has the product to own, and these other companies aren't doing anything to topple them.
  • Troll on.
  • Trololololo, please no one read his troll post.
  • Damnit, because your warning comes after his spewing, I have been tainted.
  • History repeating its self: A couple of years ago iSheeps were saying the exact same thing about Android OS as a smartphone platform ("android won't survive" "I'm not convinced the Android system is actually good for anyone" blah, blah, blah)and guess what: Android is destroying iOS both in functionality and popularity ( Before you comment on that take a look at Smartphone OS's market-share and features )! If the facts are too difficult for you to understand you deserve to own an iphone/ipad!
  • I got the OG Ipad at release. It was my second iOS device (The previous year i got an iPod Touch for my bday). I have to say i liked it & it was useful but honestly boring. My iPod Touch was cool until i got my OG Droid a few months later. Apple has a cult following behind its devices, there's no denying that but I feel like i get soo much more with Android. I sold my iPad the day before the XOOM released to get it. Havent thought twice about the choice. Android is a bit more complicated than iOS but I think it enriches the used experience vs. only having pages of squares to tap. Simplicity is normally my prefered method but not that of building blocks. I think a lot of the Android tablet manufac. will drop out or release outdated products but that doesnt make Apple better. If u compare the iPad to any high end Android tablet, its comparable & sometimes cheaper. I think some screw up by pricing their products high to make them appear premium but dont market them as such. Apple stole an entire generation with a marketing angle. Motorola bungled a product that couldve been as big as the OG Droid & i dont think they will recover. That doesnt make the XOOM a bad product. Samsung screwed up by releasing a 7" tablet/phone with 2.2 because they didnt want to wait for a true tablet. Both of these moves hurt Android tablets out the gate. Time will tell but I wouldnt count Android tablets out. Im leaning towards picking up a Prime for Christmas for the docking capability but if i dont, my XOOM is more than capable of doing anything iPad or any other tablet can do. BTW, i dont consider ur statement to be trolling because u didnt bash Android without facts. U stated your preference based on opinion & nothing wrong with that. I just think you're pregaming Apples victory while Android is continually evolving into better things vs. Apple being the same product with every release. Eventually people will want a splash change. Android makes that happen at least twice a year....
  • I'm still not sure what to do. I'm not in a huge rush to get a tablet, because I'm just finally getting my first smartphone - either droid razr or galaxynexus - this month. However, I know I want to get a tablet some time next year. I would love to get an android tablet with ICS, if for no other reason than having my tablet and phone be more compatible in terms of OS, interface, and Apps. The problem is there is still a HUGE disparity in terms of apps between iPad and android tablets. I'm hoping ICS will help change this before i go to buy a tablet, but if not, it makes it real tough to justify the android tablet purchase.
  • For ipad near prices? A 32gb iPad costs $599, not $499 doesn't it? And on top of that it doesn't include a gps chip with it. Plus if that's what floats your boat go ahead and do it. No one's forcing you to buy an Android tablet. Apple is making lot's of profits, and it makes it by advertising the heck out of their products to make idiots like you want to pay more for them. It makes a larger profit which comes out of your pocket and then it tells how to use your device so it brings them even more profits from itunes and the app store. Do you have proof that it offers longevity, because as I remember Apple used to charge more for computers as well, but then lost out to microsoft (which had smaller profits but an ability to reach a larger market share). Android gives people choices you can pick 5, 7, 7.7, 8.9, 10.1 size tablets with many different processors, screens, stereos, connectivity, and other options. You don't like that buy an ipad, that's the beauty of a market based system we all vote with our dollars. You have the choice to pay $499 for a 16 gb iPad with a closed eco system 9.7 screen with lower resolution, mono speaker, no gps, and no flash. Android will have flash for ice cream as well by the year's end.
  • you forgot to mention the crappy @$$ camera on that expensive ipad 2.
  • Close minded thinking this guy has
  • Just FYI, last time around with the original TF, most of us ordering from Amazon sat for weeks/months after the actual release date while Amazon cleared out its backlog of orders it took while other people got their tablets much sooner from other vendors that only took orders for tablets they knew they had allocated to them. Simply put, don't bank on Amazon if you want to get it quickly after release. -Suntan
  • Thanks for the heads-up, Suntan. I think from a consumer perspective the smartest method is to hedge your bets and order from multiple sources... that is, if your credit card can handle it. :) I'll probably pre-order mine (in Canada) from Staples as well and see how that works out.
  • Hopefully they've worked out the supply issues this time. I sold my pad 2 on ebay the other day in anticipation of this thing. So long iOs!
  • Asus updated their webpage with new info as well. One interesting, but unmentioned accessory: A dongle that gives you an extra USB 2.0 port. This dongle may plug into the 40 pin connector on the tablet itself and not on the docking station.
  • As of this post Amazon changed their prices to $499.99 and $599.99 respectfully.
  • I'm still not sure they did it respectfully, but respectively would work. Based on sales so far it seems like I'm one of few that likes the champagne one more? They said they're fingerprint-resistant but at the unveiling the gray one was covered in fingerprints.
  • I can't believe you people are complaining about the price!!! That is the most idiotic complaint I have ever heard. EVERYTHING in this tab is upgraded and the 32gb is the SAME price as the original 32gb Transformer. What on earth are you complaining about? It uses the same type of display as the IPAD but has a completely new technology into it that lowers the battery power of the display. In EVERY way this is a killer deal. If you are that broke or that cheap go get the original or buy an archos and stop cry-assing about a product that is priced VERY reasonably for what it comes with. *my bad, just noticed it was $499 for the 32gb but still you are getting cutting edge stuff that blows the ipad away.
  • I agree. I'd pay it if I could figure out what a tablet is good for.