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Asus Eee Pad Transformer website now live

Asus has made their web page for the Eee Pad Transformer (that's the one that docks in a keyboard) live, with specs and details.  They list no dates when it becomes available, or prices, but they do tell us a few things we hadn't heard before.  The Eee Pad Transformer will come complete with Polaris Office 3.0 to allow viewing and editing of .doc, .xls, and .ppt files, have Asus' own launcher on top of Honeycomb, and include unlimited cloud storage via the Asus MyCloud application free for one year.

They also mention an OTA update scheduled for "mid-April", which makes us think that we should be seeing it soon -- maybe even sooner than the May 7 date we saw from Amazon earlier.  If the rumors of sub $400 pricing for the 16 GB model hold true, it's a viable alternative to the Motorola Xoom for the Honeycomb tablet experience.  We'll have more as it develops.  [Asus (opens in new tab) via NotebookItalia (Italian)] Thanks, Marco, for the tip!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • I watched a lot of the 30 minute asus transformer video that's been floating around. When they say custom launcher, it looks like they mean they changed the button pictures and added a few widgets/apps/wallpapers. Not even as deep as Samsungs shallow changes. I didn't see anything on the site that suggests anything different. If this thing is open to development, I'd seriously consider it over the Tab 8.9.
  • $400 bucks, Ill bite. Excellent price if its true!
  • Hmmmm might have to hold out for this one.
  • Hmmmmmmmm. Lets see what it can do.
  • if that pricing is correct i might actually consider buying that bad boy
  • is there any advantage of the Xoom over this? From what I can tell it has the same specs, flash memory already supported, and the IPS screen is supposed to be superior to the one on the xoom. Also, it has USB ports, so it can connect to a external hdd? Am I missing something here?
  • Speaking about the Xoom, I'd just like to rant about the screen:
    I bought a Xoom at Staples and after just 3 days of not so heavy use, the screen kept fading in and out. (low brightness to black) It was working fine for the first 3 days. I'm not sure if it was just my Xoom but it happened AFTER 3 days so it could be a quality issue. Even after a factory reset, the screen does the same wacky behavior. (Note that auto brightness was NOT turned on) Also, the Staples people kept hassling me to buy their god damned coverage policy. It literally took them an hour to get the product in my hands. Ridiculous. Maybe they sold me a shit unit on purpose? The sales guy looked really annoyed that I wouldn't buy the $150 policy. Anyway, I hope Asus will be a better experience. I've never had an Asus product but there aren't many other viable Android options coming within the month. Honeycomb was pretty sweet on the Xoom but the Xoom itself was quite uncomfortable to hold. I don't think this will be any lighter but the cost difference will hopefully make up for it.
  • Uh, people, IT TURNS INTO A LAPTOP. What is the trackpad supposed to do in Android?
  • Before you start making comments with all capital letters, try doing some research. You can have a mouse cursor in android. I don't know if it is in there natively, but tons of skins have added support for it.
  • Yes, there are plenty of people who annoyingly type with caps lock. But I happen to find it more annoying when I've been accused of something that I clearly have not done. Capitals denote emphasis. In that case, I was highlighting my incredulity of his statement, namely that he was overlooking the most unique aspect of the Transformer (that being the keyboard dock). I'm not using it as a "cruise control for cool"; I'm using it in an intelligent and planned manner. Notice how the majority of my comment adhered to proper capitalization rules? Yeah. I'm not dumb. I have been doing some research on the topic of cursors in Android. Back when I was running CM6, there was a changelog for one of the nightlies that noted the addition of the Bluetooth HID for both keyboards and mouse cursors. I was trying to get that running for a while, but I couldn't figure it out with the Bluetooth mouse that I had on hand (didn't want to buy one). I also remember from having a virtual instance of Android 1.6 running on my netbook that the trackpad would emulate the touchscreen in a very skewed, inaccurate manner. If that is the case here, I might be put off more by the Transformer and would consider the Slider, which is trackpad-free. Additionally, in all the videos that I've seen of the EeePad Transformer, I have not seen them demonstrate the trackpad in action, so I can only guess as to what it does. Or I could ask a question. You know, like how I did originally, before you saw my "[comment] with all capital letters [without trying to] do some research" and incorrectly assumed my lack of intelligence.
  • Capitals denote emphasis. Italics denote emphasis. Caps denote shouting. HTML is your friend.
  • touchpad would be great for when using rdp or as a thin client with a virtual desktop setup..
  • There's many reasons for a trackpad, and I think an external mouse can even be plugged in via USB port. You know when you drag your finger across texts to cut'n'paste or to position the cursor in edit boxes, also to move the page around on webpages, or while using QuickOffice Pro HD or Asus' own Cloud apps that's coming with their tablets, etc. Maybe you can even click on the birds in Angry Birds and attacks/specials in Dungeon Defenders. I'm getting this tablet, then the keyboard attachment eventually after. Supposedly 16 hours of use with the keyboard dock, this would so replace my netbook which only lasts 2.5 freaking hours.
  • Any word about the dock pricing? This sounds like another Atrix debacle waiting to happen.
  • rumored pricing was $150 . . .
  • Which is excellent in my opinion.
  • Definitely better than the Atrix, whose laptop dock was also rumored to be $150 until Moto/AT&T announced the real pricing. Let's hope the rumors are true this time.
  • Could be interesting. Anybody who hits under $400 with a competent tab that doesn't weigh a ton like the Xoom gets my money. My bet is on the Galaxy Tab wifi, but this could do it, too.
  • It's in Swedish:
  • Now this is what I was waiting for!
  • Great demo of the transformer. I think this has a great chance of doing well in the market if it comes in at $399.
  • Glad I've been holding out. This is the 1!
  • I really hope this sells well. It will set the bar in the market for sub 400 tablets. I cant justify 600 for any tablet be it XOOM, iPad, whatever. I figured it was only a matter of time before we started seeing respectable tablets in the 400 range and ASUS came through. I have used a couple ASUS laptops and they are good solid products. ASUS WIN!
  • Well this is the 16GB storage, the Xoom is 32GB, if Motorola had put out the 16GB Xoom I bet it would've still been $499. Why would you want a 32GB or 64GB tablet that features a microSD slot? 16GB is more than plenty considering how small most apps are, it's not like Angry Birds and Air Attack HD apps are 1GB in size. And yeah I've used an Asus laptop myself, it was pretty good though I'm currently using a Toshiba laptop which is turning out to be one of the best laptops out of all brands I've used since the mid 90's.
  • I definitely don't fall into this camp, but there are plenty of tablet users who fill their device up with all kinds of content. I remember Om Malik, before the iPad 2 was release, hoping there was a model with more storage because he had already filled up his 64GB iPad with several seasons worth of TV shows. I bought a 32GB iPad "just in case", but I haven't even come close to filling up half of it. I don't listen to music on the iPad and don't watch movies or TV shows on it. I use it for writing, web browsing and reading ebooks. My next tablet will definitely be a 16GB version, with or without a microSD slot.
  • At last a honeycomb tablet with a European release date, a nice price and for bonus points they release the wifi only version first.
  • That thing seems pretty big. Still considering the smaller 7-8.9" over the 10.1".
  • I've been only considering 7" tablets, but the fact that this has a keyboard dock... and the price for a 10.1" Honeycomb.
  • BTW guys its $400 without the keyboard dock. That comes at over $100.
  • Yes, but the tablet alone is still much cheaper than the iPad 2 and other Android alternatives. (if it is $400 of course...) Plus, initial hands-on and early previews have been favorable. Dock is optional which is great so that you can first try out the tablet before making a $150 (rumored) commitment.
  • I kinda like that for the same reason I like the Atrix. Docking is brilliant.
  • Now this product is very exciting and I've been waiting patiently for this. The great thing about the dock is that it offers double the battery. 16 hours+ is fantastic for me and not forgetting the keyboard itself will be great for content creation. I just hope ASUS can release timely updates for this product and not leave it as it is.
  • Tablet with a Keyboard dock for under $400. Ok. I'm getting a tablet now and it won't be a Xoom. THIS is the Honeycomb tablet I will get.
  • I really thought I wanted a 7" tablet, but this one is very compelling, and assuming the rumored prices of $400 & $150 for the tablet and keyboard are true, I'm in.
  • I know this is a totally subjective observation, but does anyone else think that Asus' home screen is way more palatable than the stock Honeycomb theme? Every time I see the Xoom's "Tron" look, I wonder how many potential customers it's lost to the iPad 2.
  • I've never thought much of tablets, but at this price point with a keyboard dock, it'll fit my laptop (which I don't own) needs, plus I'll have a tablet. 2 birds, 1 stone, $550. Sounds like winning.
  • I like the device, but the BBT rip off is rubbish. If this had a Pen like the Flyer I would order one now. What is it really for? Is it an Android Net-Book with a 16 hour battery or a 10 inch Honeycomb tab with occasional keyboard?
  • I'd use keyboard for writing and editing, and get rid of it when reading and browsing. Regular netbooks and laptops aren't conducive to reading in portrait mode. And I usually prefer browsing in portrait mode, to see more of a web page, than browsing in landscape. The dock would also eliminate the main need for a case. You can put the tablet in your bag without worrying about the glass rubbing up against other items. I don't use cases with smartphone, since I don't have anything else in my pocket, but I usually have other things in my bag. I don't see how the use case is vague or confusing. You use the keyboard when you need it and get rid of it when you don't.
  • As a machine gun touch typist, I really love the idea of the Transformer. I just hope the build quality is good.
  • Forgive the stupid question, but I don't see it mentioned anywhere (unless I missed it), but am I correct in assuming this tablet doesn't connect to cell networks, only wifi?
  • Dear Guys and Girls, last week I went to softex show in Taipei to buy the new Asus eee pad transformer but they already sold out the first day the Tablet, I was not so happy and I did the review without tablet on hands: (anyway was fun because all the spec are real even without device :))
    Then yesterday I received the real device and here you can find my first review:
    Leave a comment or ask a question on youtube!!!