ASUS Eee Pad Transformer update rollout begins today

ASUS has began pushing out an update for the Eee Pad Transformer (TF101) today, and the change log is online chock full of the things users really wanted it to be chock full of. In case you're not up to snuff on the state of ICS for the original Transformer, some users are having issues with random reboots since getting the OTA to Android 4. It's not one of those things that affects everyone, which makes it that much harder to troubleshoot, but hopefully ASUS has a handle on it with today's news. There's other goodies there as well -- check it.

  • Improves system stability
  • Improves email stability
  • Improves AppBackup App
  • Improves MyLibrary stability
  • Supports Wi-Fi Direct
  • Supports unzip in File Manager
  • Add restore tab function in Browser

Short, sweet, and to the point. Exactly how an update should be. According to ASUS the update started going out today (April 24) so start checking for version and shout out when you see it. 

Source: ASUS

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Got it around 3pm
  • Got the update last night. Pretty much runs same as previous update. I still got a random reboot late last night and a SOD (Sleep of Death) this morning. I don't think this update addressed these problems.
  • Looking forward to it. Random reboots here but not nearly as bad as the brand new 3VO sent by Asurion to replace my launch day EVO 4G. Here's to the fourth replacement being the charm!
  • No update available for me yet. :( Haha.. just hit the button to check for the update again and it said there's one available.. check your system tray.
    It's installing now. :)
  • Got mine right in time. Was about put my tablet away for all the reboots. Thanks Asus!
  • It's a laptop! It's a tablet! It has all the worst features of each and costs more than the two combined. Get the performance of a netbook at the cost of an I7.
    Forget about having a multiwindowed desktop OS and think of having a big screen phone OS with one app displayed at any time. Forget about having a capable web browser and instead have a separate app for every page you've ever visited in your life.
  • You can buy the Transformer for $350, sometimes less. Way cheaper than you'd ever find an i7 laptop. And with ICS that browser works just fine, you can force desktop view on any website. There's a lot of features a tablet can do that a notebook cant.
  • Wow!
    Please tell me where you can get an i7 laptop for $350?
    That's what I got my TF101 with the dock for..
  • Bullcrap. You can't buy an i7 for $600 (That is max too.) If you can please point in its direction. I've been looking for a good general purpose laptop. And as a current tech who repairs $600 laptops even if you can find one that cheap I can tell you with 1000% certainty that whatever system you get for $600 is going to be for crap. A $600 tablet uses high quality parts. A $600 laptop with an i7 is using crap parts that will most likely die on you within 2 years.
  • If you visit the offical Asus thread on XDA developers regarding this update, you'll see that while Asus says its chock full of everything we all wanted, it sure as heck isn't fixing everyone's random reboot & sleep of death problems. Time will tell, I suppose. Oh, and they did add one really nice thing that wasn't on that list above: the option to always request the desktop version of a web site in the stock browser. I've installed this on my TF101 and I'm not holding my breath just yet ;-). Been running the new update not quite 12 hours now, and thus far no random reboots, but I only ever got them weekly or so anyways. No sleep of death yet, though, which had been my more recent plague. Crossing my fingers anyway, even though it isn't looking all that great...
  • still takes about 2 mins 15 secs to fully boot up and be ready for action. No real improvement there.
  • I've been holding off on updating mine to ICS due to all the complaints... Rather disappointed they still haven't got a handle on it (judging by some of the comments above, will have to done into XDA later). Question tho, HC is relatively stable overall except for one thing, the stock browser crashes a lot, always has. Random reboots while idle aside, was the stock browser improved on ICS? Is Chrome any more stable? Does either recover your open tabs after a crash?
  • Mine random reboots about every other day and when it does, I never see it occur but I know it happened. A few times that I have seen it after it occurred, it was on the Asus logo with the spinning dots and the dots and stopped moving, indicating to me that the unit locked up. Then it sits on the screen with the logo (screen is on constantly) and the unit dies a battery drain death. Not to mention the fact that I really don't want screen burn in of that logo. Initially I thought playing a game (Draw Something) was the problem as it seemed to reboot some time after that. The other night though I was watching Hulu+ on it and the next morning it was dead, indicating that it had rebooted some time in the middle of the night and then froze with the logo again. Maybe it's just anything media related? That's a problem since that's the entire reason I bought the tablet, for games and videos.
  • My problem was exactly the same as yours, mine would happen when it was just idle or sleep. I've upgraded, and in the past day, it's been fine so far. Fingers crossed.
  • That gives me hope then. I still haven't laid a hand on mine since the update rolled out. The real test for me will be to play draw something or watch Hulu and then leave it alone and see if it suddenly reboots.
  • After the update my stock browser has been acting awful: Slowness & Lockups galore. Never had a problem with random reboots before and still doesn't seem to be a problem (Have been using the past 8 hours straight)... I am glad, though, that Asus is even doing updates to the software :)
  • The real question I have is did they fix the issue where you can't set a password timeout on the lockscreen after encrypting the system? Annoying as hell having to enter a password every blasted time I turn off the screen and turn it back on within a few minutes.
  • Been running an unofficial cm9 for weeks now. I had random reboots n sod but i just flashed a new kernel thats supposed to fix that. 3 days so far so good. I would recommend rooting and flashing a custom ROM especially if you've had it up to here. So many more options. it will breathe new life into your device. And theres plenty of guides in the forums for rooting & unrooting, flashing ROMs, and bug fixes. Even fixes that fix known stock problems. I am not a paid sponor lol. I just have had a blast flashing new ROMs.