HTC disk mounting

Ndc writes in the HTC One X forums,

Probably like most of you, I can't wait for my One X to arrive next (later this?) week. I'm getting so sick of my Epic 4G. One anxious question for me though: how do I transfer the data on my microSD card over to the One X?

I've got most of my stuff in the cloud - contacts, calendar, music etc - but there are some important app data, like health logs, that I really would like to transfer over.

I've got a backup app, should I use that to back stuff up online?

We're really glad you asked, as this is a question more than a few are bound to have. Cloud storage and backup apps are great, we use them all the time, but in this case nothing is going to work as well as the trusty USB cable and your computer. When you get your new One X, and after you're done marveling at how thin and sexy it is, you can move all your app data over to it straight from your Epic 4G.

Just because the One X has no SD card doesn't mean it has no SD card storage area. It's just internal. When you plug it in to your computer you'll have the same option you would from other phones to mount the storage. It's pretty safe to say you should connect the Epic 4G up, pull everything off the SD card to a folder on your computer, then you can drag it right into the One X's storage. Mind the folder names -- app data can be in its own folder on the SD card or it can be inside the Android\data\ folder. Try to put it back in the same folders it came from and you'll be fine.

If you don't have access to a computer, you could transfer all your SD card data to a service like Dropbox and restore it to the One X with a file browser -- it just takes a bit longer and uses a bit of data. Either way will work, so use what's most convenient for you.

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