Are you still using the stock launcher on your Galaxy S9?

While most everyone can agree that Samsung makes some of the best smartphone hardware around, the same isn't true when talking about the software experience found on these devices. Some people love the Samsung Experience / TouchWiz interface, but on the other hand, there are folks that can't stand it.

Now that the Galaxy S9's been out for a hot minute, we decided to check in with our forum users to see if they're still rocking the phone's default launcher or if they've moved to something like Nova or Action Launcher.

Here's what they had to say.

I haven't used nova since the S8+ The stock launcher is a lot smoother and uses less ram and battery life. (not including that second app Tesla for notifications) I like that it added the landscape mode for the home screen now also. It just keeps getting better and better. And it feels good not having all those hundreds of icon packs updating every day lol


Currently running touchwiz launcher which is fine, only thing I miss is the integrated Google page on the left of the home screen. For now I'll keep TouchWiz launcher but most likely will eventually switch to Nova.


Honestly I've used Nova, I've had the paid version for a few years, haven't used it since I got my Note 5. I see no reason to download it and have it run in place of Samsungs when it adds nothing I need. I don't use the gestures or most of the customization features.


I instantly started with Nova Launcher Prime but I'm going to give the stock launcher a go. I'll still be using Gboard and Textra so I can keep the dark themes I like there... Hopefully I'll enjoy using all the new Oreo features that my s7 didn't have with N.


Now, we want to hear from you – Are you still rocking the Galaxy S9's default launcher?

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