Just like pretty much every other phone that's released, the Pixel 2 XL has had its fair share of ups and downs. The initial launch and the numerous display complaints left some folks with a bad taste in their mouths, but after Google addressed these issues and pushed out a handful of updates to the phone, it's now better than ever.

Some of our forum users recently got to talking about whether or not they're deciding to keep the Pixel 2 XL, and for the most part, people seem to be holding onto Google's large and in charge flagship.


2 Pixel 2 XL's here, me and the wife are both keeping ours. Love them! No issues. Blue tint is a non issue for us. Best phones we've ever used.

Mike Dee

Camera is phenomenal...battery is excellent and I like the big screen. Wireless charging which I've had before is not essential. I use the dongle so you really don't lose a jack... Just not part of the phone. No screen issues and the blue tint issue is overblown unless you get a bad one which some claim they do.


Keeper for me. Amazing performance, battery, and camera. Plus I enjoy actually getting OS updates but also patches such as KRACK fix and other things.


Then again, there are still some that think differently.


Returned the XL2, Screen was the dealbreaker for me. No matter how much I tried to avoid the blue shift tint, it kept staring me in the face. Hoping next year's 3 will be better.


I'm sending mine back. It was definitely the best phone I've ever had no doubt about it. The problem is I picked up an Essential phone to play with and IMO it's 94% as good at what I use it for. I bought it on the Sprint deal for $225 total and it works great on T-Mobile as does the Pixel 2 XL. The problem is I don't think the Pixel is $700 better than the Essential phone. If the Pixel 2 Xl was a...


If you own the Pixel 2 XL, we'd like to know – Will you be keeping the phone?

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