Are you getting the 128GB or 512GB Galaxy Note 9?

Storage menu on the Galaxy Note 9
Storage menu on the Galaxy Note 9 (Image credit: Android Central)

With the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung ticked off a lot of boxes that Note fans have been wanting for years. Huge 4,000 mAh battery? Check. An S Pen that can be used as a remote control? Yep. Large storage configurations? You betcha.

Looking specifically at that last point, Samsung's selling the phone with two storage makeups — 128GB and 512GB.

Both should be more than enough for most people, and looking through the AC forums, it appears that folks are pretty much split down the middle in regards to which version they're buying.

128GB, cheaper and still nearly 10x my current storage amount with an extra 2GB of RAM which should be a noticeable difference, the 512GB with the 8GB RAM will be a good choice for those who are constantly multi-tasking etc but the 128 is plenty enough for me.


Was debating, but with Verizon's BOGO and bestbuy offering 100 off makes sense to get the 512gb and 128gb for the free one.


512GB. I don't need that much storage, but I want it. Plus the extra 2GB of RAM will be awesome. I just hope it doesn't kill the battery quicker. =/

Mr Segundus

Considering T-Mobile wants an arm and a leg down, I'm probably only getting the 128gb

Carrie Greicar

What about you? Are you getting the 128GB or 512GB Galaxy Note 9?

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  • 128, already got a Samsung 256 SD card.. More than plenty to what I need. Constantly deleting crap I don't need.. To make finding pictures easier.
  • That's a big deal for me. Archiving and organizing. Somehow I have enough discipline on my laptop, but not on my phone. I have 64gb + 256gb, and finding pics is becoming really tedious in many cases. And since music/video downloading have been replaced with streaming in my case, not sure going for 512gb would be reasonable or advisable.
  • My 64gb note is more than enough for me so will get the 128 if I decide to upgrade
  • No one is buying the top tier model for the 512gb storage. They are buying it for the extra ram.
  • Some said that about the Hellcat Charger, 700 plus HP. It has too much horsepower, you don't need it and no one would buy them. I've seen plenty of people with Hellcats. There will always be someone that will be willing to buy it, for whatever reason. If people bought the iPhone X with 256GB at nearly 1200, no reason to think people wouldnt buy the 512 GB Note 9 that has more RAM and storage at a similar or slightly cheaper price point. Is it excessive, maybe. But, we don't know what the future holds in terms of mobile computing. Some people may look at it as future proofing or adding longevity to the value of their device choice. For some, it's not about whether or not you need it, it's because you can.
  • Now I want a Hellcat instead of my Scat Pack! lol- Damn phone companies trained us to not rely on big storage options, deleted SD support, brought it back, and now we will give you a mini laptop in your pocket!
    Now we can overpay for what we have always wanted, because we are conditioned remembering when we couldnt have it.
  • Well, in all fairness... Samsung has given that option for quite sometime and iPhone never offered that option. It's the other OEMs trying to chase after the iPhone way of doing things, even down to the screen notch. I don't see how that 1/16 of an inch of extra screen space is all that useful. I mean, it gives the phone a different and kinda look, but it doesn't seem all that useful. Similarly, I don't find the curved edges on my Note 8 useful.
  • The curved edges are simply a gimmick. It is a complete pain in the a$$ trying to select text near the edge, especially with the S-pen. As for the stupid notch, most of the writers here at AC tend to believe that the stupid notch adds screen real estate, but then they counter that by saying that app developers can set up their app to eliminate the notch, effectively losing screen real estate. Personally, I think the notch is stupid. Stupid notch.
  • He's right!
    8 gigs of RAM, the only reason I'm buying 512gb
  • 128GB in Ocean blue. But only because I feel like my phone should be invertor l inferior to my laptop... Is that weird?
  • They totally didn't have to do the 512 GB. People would have forked out the cash for a 256 with 8 gigs of RAM.
  • It appears the note9 can be called the storage king. Just think 1TB of storage in your pocket or purse. Yikes!
  • The 128, it is already beyond my pain limit but no pain no gain :-) . I would love to have the 512 but do not care about the 2 extra ram as I do not multitask much and it is even father beyond my pain limit. Only need storage for my pictures and movies.
  • 128 GB, of course. I can't even fill up a 32 GB storage.
  • I pre-ordered the blue 128gb version from T-Mobile. I already have a 128gb micro SD card "slot" so I should be fine. I hope they start shipping the phones early this year.
  • Floss? 😉
  • Say it with me, “it feels good in the hand”
  • Bought the 512GB. Mainly because of the free gift, 40" Samsung Smart TV. The 128GB only get 32"
  • Where is that deal from? I haven't seen that one!
  • Where is this at?
  • Blue 512GB one for me. And the 128GB Thanos purple for my wife. Went with the 512 cause I know I would've kept wishing I would have got it if I didn't.
  • 128. My 64gb Note 8 has plenty of room. It's because the 256gb SD card holds all my photos and videos. Thank you, Note 7, for that free SD card.
  • go big or go home! grabbing the 512 in blue
  • 512 over here, because I love my 4K movies, pictures and videos, and download my Spotify music in high quality for no reason. And all that probably isn't 1/4th of the 512GB but I still want it :)
  • I was reading something today about a vulnerability in using SD cards. That could make the case for the larger onboard storage.
  • Got the 512gb. Mainly just so I shouldn’t need to delete stuff. Transferring apps to an SD card always seems like a hassle. Maybe I’m doing it wrong? Excited to finally get a Note. Any current Note owners, can you use Live Messages with someone without a Note? Wanted to do the BOGO, but didn’t need to add a line for $45.
  • Yeah it just saves it as an animated gif and sends it as that file
  • Yes you can use live message with other people. It will show up as a gif of whatever you draw. Some phones however will be laggy for some reason like sending a live message to an iphone will show a laggy gif. Not sure it's that's fixed but overall yes you can.
  • What kind of DAC does it have? You can store a lot or HD, 4K, flac and dsd rips.
  • If I upgrade from my S8+ I'll get the 128GB. Don't need tons of storage because I store most of my docs and pics on OneDrive.
  • 512 GB with 8GB RAM!!!!! Go big or go home!!!!
  • Exactly!
  • I put a 512 I pre-order, but I'm still on the fence about keeping the order. If I did, it will definitely be the 512. Mainly for the fact that the gear VR apps don't allow sd card installs (last I checked). My S9+ is currently over half full and I have no gear VR apps currently installed. My S7 used to be a dedicated gear VR device and I constantly had to manage my apps so I could try new apps. I'd probably be okay with a 256GB version, but it was a no show.
  • Probably 128gb, the phone isn't 5G capable, so I'm a realist about knowing I won't have this phone more than 2 years.
  • Nun
  • It would be 128GB for me. I prefer keeping apps and system files separate from media files. If I was shooting lots of 4k videos, it would be the 512GB, but it's unlikely I would do that on a serious level because the Note is missing 3D surround recording and audio focus.
  • 512gb for me. This will probably be the last phone I get for a while. Plus if Samsung is going into the foldable phone space, I'd rather keep imho their last best device they made. It checks all of the boxes for me.
  • I just ordered the 512gb from Samsung unlocked with a trade in of a iPhone 7 Plus 32gb and a postmates discount got it for 962.22 shipped I also opted in to Samsung trade up program
  • None of them I'm not going to buy the phone it is too bulky and heavy
  • Go big or go home! I ordered two 512gb Note 9 phones from Verizon. I currently have the Note 8 with 64gb internal storage and 256sd card. I love my Note 8 but I want the best and it's the Note 9 512gb version. It is like you buy the car you desire not the car you need. Most people can have a car but you want the one of your dreams.