Are Amazon Echo Buttons worth it?

I have a confession to make. I ordered the Amazon Echo Buttons when they were first announced. And I didn't take them out of the box for months. Months.

That's not usually the sort of thing you'd expect to read in a post asking if these things are worth it. I know. So let's flip things on their head yet again:

Yes, Amazon Echo Buttons are worth it. If you actually use them.

What are Amazon Echo Buttons?

Echo Button

Ah! Good question. An Amazon Echo Button is a $20 pair of buttons that work with an Amazon Echo. Actually, these things maybe should have been called Amazon Echo Buzzers. Because they're basically like a battery-powered game-show buzzer that works with an Amazon Echo.

But it's probably a good thing they didn't called Amazon Echo Buzzer. That just sounds weird.

Anyway. You'll connect up to four of these things to the Amazon Echo, and fire up a game on the Echo that takes advantage of them. You versus ... someone. You hit the button to chime in. First button-presser gets to answer.

Oh, and they have fun colors that light up.

That's it.

How do you set up an Amazon Echo Button?

Super easy.

  1. Put two AAA batteries in each Echo Button.
  2. Look at your Echo in anticipation. Say "Set up my Echo Button."
  3. Press and hold an Echo Button for 10 seconds to put it in pairing mode.
  4. Alexa will tell you when you're good to go.
  5. Repeat to pair any other buttons.

What games can I play with an Echo Button?

There are a bunch of games (though not an infinite number) available.

Trivial Pursuit Tap is probably the biggest. Buzz in first and give the correct answer. Sounds Fun with Mike Epps is another.

You get see the full list of games that use the buttons here.

So are they worth it or not?

Yes, they're worth it! If you want to play this sort of game on an Amazon Echo. The buttons are a fun and relatively inexpensive (again, they're only $20) way to get more use out of an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot.

The trick is you just have to be sure to use them. Otherwise, they're the same as any piece of tech that you don't use.

A doorstop.

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Phil Nickinson