YouTube Music rolls out Winter Recap '23 with your latest seasonal music review

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What you need to know

  • YouTube Music sends out a new recap playlist following every season.
  • The new winter 2023 recap has begun appearing for YouTube Music listeners.
  • The recap reveals top songs, albums, and artists while revealing what kind of listener you are based on your tastes.

One of our favorite features introduced to YouTube Music in recent years is the new Recap. It's a Spotify Wrapped clone that creates playlists based on the songs, albums, and artists you've listened to most over a period of time, and the latest entry is rolling out to users now.

When opening the YouTube Music app, you may be greeted with a banner informing you that the Winter Recap '23 is ready for you to view. Tapping "Get your recap" will take you to your Recap page, where you can view some of your recent Recaps as well as the latest.

You can immediately dive into your recap video, which will present you with a visual showcase of your top artists, tracks, genres, and more. Of course, like previous YouTube Music Recaps, you can download these images to keep and share later, or you can hit the share button to show off your stats.

You'll also notice a Music photo album on the Recap page. This is one of the newer features introduced in 2022, which integrates Google Photos to insert and match images from each month with a song. You can edit this by tapping "Manage photos" and toggling the feature on or off or selecting "Manage photos in Google Photos."

Underneath the Musical photo album, you'll find your latest recap playlists, which include 50 songs for seasonal recaps and 100 songs for the yearly one.

With last year's Spring Recap '22, YouTube Music has taken to launching seasonal reviews instead of yearly ones like those found on other music streaming services. This means we can expect new recaps every few months in addition to a yearly recap.

If the banner doesn't immediately show up for you to view your latest recap, you can always head to the YouTube Music account page (your google account thumbnail) and tap "Your Recap" to see if it's there. Fortunately, you can always look back at your previous recaps to see how your tastes have changed.

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