YouTube Music begins a generative AI test for creating playlist artwork

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What you need to know

  • YouTube Music has started a new generative AI test for U.S.-based users involving the creation of artwork for their playlists.
  • Tapping a playlist's cover will bring up a "theme" menu where users can select from a variety of possibilities and edit the AI software's descriptors for the right piece.
  • YouTube has mentioned its efforts in bringing generative AI to music, however, it must work with the music industry before doing so.

YouTube has continued to update and bring more features to its Music streaming platform, but there's a little more users can expect.

According to a YouTube blog post, the service has started an experiment involving generative AI. This test is beginning today for U.S. users on YouTube Music and will let those testers create playlist artwork using its AI software. The post adds users can "effortlessly explore from a range of visual themes and options to create one-of-a-kind cover art that expresses the uniqueness of your personal playlists."

It looks like those in the test can tap the album cover of their playlist to open a "theme" menu. From there, the generative AI will create something, giving users the chance to edit certain portions of the description to make cover art unique for them and their music.

The bits users can edit don't appear to be self-created, as YouTube is likely to offer pre-made suggestions you can pick through. A "randomize" button is also nestled beneath the descriptor if you're feeling a little chaotic one day.

This test will expand to more regions and languages globally. However, YouTube has yet to announce what those areas are as we're just getting underway with things.

Image generation courtesy of AI is a feature Google recently brought into SGE (Search Labs) earlier this month. Those enrolled can type directly into Search and instruct the AI software to create an image based on the description written.

Meanwhile, YouTube talked about bringing generative AI to music as a whole back in August. More information is still yet to be seen. However, the company plans to coordinate with the music industry within the "Music AI Incubator." There are several AI-related principles YouTube must think hard about in terms of its music streaming service — and those that create it — before ushering in such a feature.

Aside from the test, YouTube reiterated other features that have arrived for its music streaming platform, such as Samples. The purpose of Samples when they rolled out was to offer a personalized feed of song snippets users might be interested in. Though it feels like a TikTok feed, Samples lets users add a song they enjoy to a playlist, create a Short with it, and more.

Another worthwhile addition was the inclusion of live lyrics. YouTube Music will automatically scroll through a song's lyrics as the tune plays on.

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