Google's AI-powered Search experience gains new image generation tools

Google Search Labs.
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What you need to know

  • Google is rolling out two new experiments for its U.S.-based SGE (Search Labs) participants today.
  • Users should begin finding AI-generation tools directly through Search if you are enrolled in Search Labs.
  • Google Search will also let users provide a prompt to the AI to create a draft for a written project when the words aren't there.

AI features in Search have continued to grow, but there is room for more as Google details additional tests users may enjoy.

According to a Keyword post, the new AI-powered Search experience is gaining the ability to create images based on descriptors. Through the use of generative AI, Google states users can throw in an idea such as "draw a picture of a capybara wearing a chef’s hat and cooking breakfast" into the default Search bar.

The SGE software will return at least four generated images for users to decide which they like the most. Additionally, clicking on any of the images will provide a textbox where users can build upon their initial query to fine-tune some details. 

You'll also find some alterations in that box, as the AI software may have given your initial query some additional descriptors.

From there, users can export the image or give some feedback on how well the AI did with image generation.

Keep in mind, unless you're enrolled in SGE (Search Labs), you won't see any of these generative goodies. Moreover, the post states that it's rolling out a "create something new" option within Google Images. The company adds this button will appear whenever the engine detects a user is searching for a topic that pertains to inspiration like suggestions for Halloween table settings.

Google's AI-powered image generation and the aforementioned option in Images are rolling out today.

Google's Search Labs gains the ability to create written drafts for users.

(Image credit: Google)

A little extra is arriving for Search Labs in the form of "written drafts in SGE." Users can provide a prompt to the AI software, telling it to write a note or a similar item. There will be options present to determine the length of the draft (short or long) and an option to change its tone if the situation is more casual than formal.

After SGE returns the draft,  an export button will appear so users can pop it into Docs or Gmail and begin making any last-minute adjustments or additions before sending it off.

This tool will start arriving for U.S.-enrolled Labs participants in English today.

August was the month Google rolled out generative AI-based summaries for articles via "SGE while browsing." It's a way for users to quickly grab the key points of a lengthy story without the necessity of reading through its entirety. That update also followed quickly after one where Google started displaying source linking for information its AI software returned for queries.

Alongside rolling the same update out for teenagers, the company recently introduced an "About this result" feature in SGE. The sole purpose of this is for users to understand how the AI went about collecting the information.

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