YouTube's version of TikTok video editing tool is now out in more countries

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What you need to know

  • YouTube Create app, initially launched in September, is now available in 21 countries, broadening its reach beyond the initial eight exclusive countries.
  • The editing tool in YouTube Create resembles CapCut, an app owned by TikTok's parent company ByteDance.
  • The app allows you to edit both Shorts and longer YouTube videos directly on your Android phone or capture videos within the app.

After unveiling the YouTube Create app last September, YouTube is now bringing its video-editing tool to additional markets.

In a recent blog post, YouTube announced that YouTube Create has spread its wings to 13 additional countries. The app, which kicked off in beta and was initially exclusive to eight countries, is now coming to Spain, Hong Kong, Brazil, Australia, and more countries.

YouTube Create is intended to give video creators a user-friendly toolbox for making videos on the fly. That's why the app looks a lot like CapCut, the app owned by TikTok-owner ByteDance. CapCut offers nifty built-in creative tools and cool AR and AI filters, making it a hit among non-tech creators who want to edit videos without needing to master advanced skills.

With the new app, you can edit both Shorts and longer YouTube videos right from your Android phone. Plus, if you prefer, you can capture videos directly in the app for a smoother experience.

The fresh app might just inspire more people to jump into Shorts, YouTube's version of TikTok-style clips. YouTube Create wants to tackle some of the hurdles creators often deal with, like video editing and playing around with creative tools.

You've got a bunch of tools at your disposal. You can do things like split and trim videos, play around with effects, and pick from a selection of royalty-free music to spice up your creations. These royalty-free tunes can even sync up with the beats of your video clips.

Then there's this nifty tool called Audio Cleanup, riding on a denoising model. It works by toning down background and ambient noise, giving your smartphone-recorded clips a boost in audio quality.

There's a built-in voiceover tool too. It not only comes with automatic captions but also offers different options to style up the text. Once users have put the finishing touches on their edits, they can hit the publish button and send it straight to YouTube.

Making captivating videos for YouTube used to be a bit of a hassle, involving juggling multiple apps and software. But now, with the YouTube Create app, YouTube promises to simplify that process.

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