Spotify Wrapped 2023 hooks you up to your musical soulmate city

Spotify Wrapped 2023
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What you need to know

  • Spotify users can now dive into their 2023 Wrapped results, showcasing their top artists, genres, songs, podcasts, and total minutes listened.
  • One of the new additions is "Sound Town," a feature that connects your streaming habits to a city based on your year of streaming.
  • Spotify's AI DJ joins the party this year, offering commentary on your 2023 listening habits. 
  • For a week, expect insights on artists, genres, songs, and even personalized music suggestions based on your year in music.

Spotify Wrapped is back to unveil your unique music personality and all the tunes that shaped your year, and this year's edition is bursting with surprises.

When you fire up the Spotify app, check out the new Wrapped chip on your home tab. Tap on that chip, and you'll be greeted with a personalized slideshow of your music listening habits.

Spotify Wrapped is no longer just for your phone, the service announced. It's finally catching up with the times and allowing you to access it on your PC or Mac too. Just head to and log into your Spotify account (check out our full guide to find your Spotify Wrapped 2023).

Its arrival comes hot on the heels of Apple Music's version, known as Replay (2023). Unlike Wrapped, Replay 2023 is primarily accessible via a web-based experience, not to mention that it lacks cool features like Spotify's "Sound Town," which assigns you a city based on your listening habits this year.

Just like the "music personality" feature from last year's Wrapped, this time around, there's a "me in 2023" roundup. It hooks you up with one of 12 streaming habits that match your style. For example, if you always have upbeat music playing, you might be a "Luminary." Or, if you're always creating new playlists, you might be an "Alchemist."

Spotify Wrapped also gets more creative with its data visualization this year. Instead of just showing you a list of your top five genres, it's presenting them as a virtual sandwich.

Spotify's AI DJ is in the mix for this year's Wrapped experience as well. For a whole week, this DJ will be your guide through your Wrapped stats, providing commentary and music recommendations based on your 2023 listening habits.

Once you've marveled at your slideshow, you can easily share your musical highlights via a sharable card. Plus, you can save an auto-generated playlist of your top 100 songs for 2023.

Despite constantly serving up the same old rundown of your listening stats, Spotify Wrapped never fails to inject a bit of fun into the mix, and this year's edition is no different. Here's hoping the other music streaming platforms catch up to this.

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