Samsung's AI photo editor finally makes its way to the Galaxy S23 series

Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S22 cameras side by side
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What you need to know

  • Samsung has finally made the Galaxy Enhance-X app available on its devices.
  • The AI-powered photo editing app can now be accessed on the Galaxy S23 series in beta form.
  • Samsung will also release the app on the Galaxy S22 and S21 lineups at a later date.

Last year, Samsung released an AI-powered photo editing app for enhancing your Galaxy photos, though it mysteriously disappeared from the devices where it was originally available. The company is now relaunching the Galaxy Enhance-X app, and it's rolling out first on the Samsung Galaxy S23 series.

A Samsung community forum moderator announced the app's release on the latest and greatest Galaxy phones, though it is still in beta. Nevertheless, the South Korean tech giant plans to roll out a full version for both the Galaxy S23 and S22 models in the future.

According to SamMobile, the app disappeared from Galaxy S22 devices shortly after its release in July of last year. Samsung gave no explanation for its removal, but it appears the company has fixed the issue.

However, while the app is being re-released, it won't be immediately available on Galaxy S22 models. The app is said to require high-end hardware, which explains why it is only limited to the Galaxy S23 series for the time being.

The Samsung moderator did not give any specific date, only mentioning that the app will make its way to the Galaxy S22 phones soon. 

In addition to the 2022 flagship phones, Galaxy Enhance-X will be made available on the Galaxy S21 series and several Galaxy A models as well. This is par for the course, given that Samsung noted last year that the app was compatible with Galaxy phones running Android 10 or higher. It is also expected to hit entry-level M-series and F-series running One UI 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, and 4.5.

Using AI algorithms, the app automatically optimizes the camera settings and adjusts different parameters of the image, such as brightness, contrast, and color saturation, to enhance the clarity and vibrancy of the photos. The app also offers various filters and effects to enhance the visual appeal of the photos.

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  • BerryBubbles
    I'm glad they are re-releasing this app.

    The Galaxy Enhance-X app stopped working on every device I had.

    I always wondered what the issue was.