Poll: Do you care about updates on your Android phone?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra update screen
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It's no secret that Android updates aren't the best. While Apple continues to seed new versions of iOS to phones released in 2017, Android users are lucky if the phone they bought two years ago will receive the latest major OS upgrade. And the update schedule is another mess. That said, some Android OEMs have been working to keep their devices updated for more extended periods and on a more frequent basis.

We want to know if it really matters to you that your phone receives the latest OS upgrade or even security update.

If you do care about receiving updates and getting them fast, your best bet is Google or Samsung. Both companies offer extended smartphone support, particularly their latest flagship entries. Google's Pixel 6 series is promised three major OS upgrades and five years of security updates. However, Samsung has one-upped Google by promising four OS upgrades and five years of security updates for select devices.

Both companies also update their phones regularly, issuing patches each month (although older Samsung devices may be put on slower update tracks).

Other Android OEMs have also promised longer support for their smartphones, including OPPO (and by extension, OnePlus), Xiaomi, and even Microsoft with the Surface Duo 2.

However, on the other end of the spectrum, companies like Motorola fall behind the pack. The company sells many of the best budget Android phones, but part of what makes them so cheap is their lack of software support. Many receive only one major OS upgrade and maybe two or three years of security updates. Higher-end Motorola phones usually bump that to two OS upgrades.

Qualcomm is apparently not good at updating its own $1,500 smartphone, which is even more problematic.

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