Pixel Watch owners get more options for At a Glance

The Ivy colorway Google Pixel Watch Woven Band
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What you need to know

  • Google previously limited At a Glance complications to Modular II and Modular III layouts.
  • It is now expanding with the new update, bringing new complication styles.
  • The update first featured on the Pixel Watch 2 carries forward to Pixel Watch.

A couple of months ago, Google's first-gen Pixel Watch received the At a Glance feature from Pixel phones for the first time. The update, however, included a single complication to complement the feature, which is now expanding. 

According to 9to5Google, the At a Glance feature is no longer limited to the large complication slot in the Modular II and Modular III layouts from the Utility watch face. The At a Glance now supports more watch faces and can now be set in the circular complication slots or at the top of some watch faces, giving Pixel Watch owners more choices for their layout.

Pixel Watch new At a Glance complication

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9to5 further notes that the new complication showcases current temperature, upcoming precipitation, and the day's forecast — all of which are said to be visually cramped into the small space. Additionally, it can showcase current and upcoming calendar events; relevant icons are also displayed indicating work, home, and leave for the event. Tapping them further will reveal additional required information.

Like the previously released At a Glance complication, these new updates are also powered by the Google Assistant app on Wear OS for the Pixel Watch. 9to5 indicates these updates were launched with the new Pixel Watch 2 and rolled out to the predecessor.

Google Pixel Watch At a Glance feature

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich/ Android Central)

The new update appears to be a server-side update from Google, like the previous complication rollout.

While this is a new nifty addition, more functionality is expected, particularly with the Wear OS 4 update coming to the first-gen Pixel Watch later this year. Google has already announced that the update will bring power optimization alongside the new watch face format.

Next to the optimizations, we can also expect enhanced tiles and cloud backups. The search giant also released instructions and updated tools for developers to their apps for the Wear OS 4 launch on the Pixel Watch, which also supports the newly launched Pixel Watch 2.

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  • wagebo
    Did the word "complication" gain some new meaning I'm not familiar with? I'm so confused by this article.
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    wagebo said:
    Did the word "complication" gain some new meaning I'm not familiar with? I'm so confused by this article.
    Welcome to Android Central! 😀

    Here's an explanation of watch face complications: