Pixel 7 and 6 owners encounter annoying Android Auto connection issues

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What you need to know

  • Pixel 7 and 6 owners have reported inconsistent Android Auto connectivity.
  • Restarting and clearing their caches seem to only provide a temporary fix until the car is turned off and started again.
  • Using a cable seems provide the most stable experience to get users through the recent connectivity problems.

Google Pixel phone owners have reported problems when pairing their devices with Android Auto. Users have taken to Reddit to voice their displeasure with the various ways their Pixel 7 and Pixel 6 devices have started to encounter frustrating Android Auto connectivity problems (via 9to5Google).

One owner of a Pixel 6 Pro states their device worked well with their Chevrolet truck. However, the device is no longer recognized as "AA capable" and will not reconnect. The user adds Bluetooth audio works, but Google Maps and their other apps do not function.

Another report explained that their Pixel 7 Pro stopped connecting to Android Auto and would require a phone restart before it worked again. Another temporary fix came by connecting it to Android Auto in its settings first.

An additional report states a user's Pixel 7 Pro "often fails to connect to the car AND/OR won't put calls through." This report, again, states restarting their device would offer some temporary relief until the problem occurs again. However, another band-aid fix seems to involve connecting the affected Pixel phones to the console directly via cable.

P6Pro Wireless Android Auto worked great, now nada from r/GooglePixel

The problems appear to have occurred for a while, as one user with a Pixel 5 stated things had worked fine for around three months but have recently started to falter. They add that their phone will connect to their vehicle in the morning but after turning off their car and returning, the device refuses to reconnect.

These Android Auto problems are a bit hard to completely hone in on as they don't appear to be tied to a software update. As 9to5 assumes, the issues could be a by-product of some server-side change Google has implemented. Unfortunately, if that's the case, only its Pixel devices are suffering.

Users have not mentioned other Android phones in these reports.

This isn't the first time users have continuously reported connectivity problems with Android Auto. Back in June, after several updates, users reported difficulty connecting their phones with their cars if they were running software versions 9.4, 9.5, and 9.6.

The previous issue hit a little harder as even connecting a Pixel phone via cord couldn't help.

Hopefully, the problems will be rectified soon as a user's report on Google's support forums has seemingly caught the company's attention.

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